Colts Take Stunning Win over Broncos, But What Happened to Trent?

Ryan Kessler

This past Sunday, we witnessed an amazing game played from both sides by the Broncos and the Colts. The Colts, led by second year QB Andrew Luck, took a hard fought victory against the undefeated Broncos. This win has all of us scratching our heads…How did the unstoppable Broncos lose? When you look deeper into the game, the answers are more obvious than they might seen.

One is the Broncos game plan.  The Broncos are a passing team, no matter what you say.  Why in the world did they run the ball on first and goal from the four with arguably the best quarterback of this generation in Peyton Manning? This bone headed decision led to a Ronnie Hillman fumble and lost them the game. Actually, why did they run the ball so much in general? I get that Coach Fox is trying to establish a power run game with, Knowshon Moreno and Ronnie Hillman, but he has Manning and a glorious receiving core.  One thing I’d like to see the Broncos get Montee Ball into their running game. This guy had a stellar career in college and has not had much of a chance at the next level yet.  If they are going to try to run the ball at all, they should incorporate Ball more.

Another reason the Broncos lost was because of the underrated Colts defense. They have playmakers such as Vontae Davis and Robert Mathis who each played outstanding yesterday. Davis was on Demariyus Thomas all game long and shut him down. The only big play Thomas had was when Davis was on the sidelines because of a little injury. If anyone in the NFL wants to beat the Broncos, the key is shutting down the receivers.

Lastly, the Colts were able to win because of their QB Luck. This guy has everything anyone wants in a QB. He has the ability to throw the deep ball, keep calm in the pocket, deliver in clutch moments, and lastly,  he can tuck it and run when he needs to. This guy looked composed and made absolutely no mistakes, and led his team to a statement win.

The only question mark after that win for the Colts is their running back they acquired midseason, Trent Richardson. Coming out of Alabama, he was taken 3rd pick by the Cleveland Browns.  But after one year, the Browns clearly wanted to get rid of Richardson. At the time, I didn’t see it, but now I do. There is clearly something wrong with this guy, and the Browns saw it and unloaded him to the Colts, who were desperate for a running back. The Colts have had a month with Trent Richardson which is more than enough time to learn the play book, and nothing has showed as  he is averaging 3.2 yards a carry, ranking 42nd among the NFL. He is an in-between tackles kind of runner, and is just not finding the holes. There must be something wrong with this guy…Why else would the Browns just out of nowhere sell him for a low price? They saw something and the Colts are seeing it now as well.

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