Stanford vs. Oregon Prediction

Connor Woods

In what is one of the most anticipated match ups of the season, the two powerhouses of the Pac-12 will square off this Saturday to determine who is truly the best team in the conference. However, the answer is a bit easier to come up with than that. Excluding a freak game where the impossible happens, I see Oregon winning this game…with ease.


Despite my somewhat of a loyalty to Stanford growing up in the Menlo Park-Palo Alto area, I think they are simply too outmatched against Oregon. The Ducks have cemented themselves as one of the top teams in the NCAA. Scoring 45+ points in nearly every single game this season, their offensive game cannot be stopped.


Not taking anything away from Stanford’s recent accomplishments, but I think they are a little over hyped this year. They have lost some games that they simply should not have lost based on how I thought they would be in the preseason. Regardless, I think they just don’t have the ability defensively to stop Oregon all night, nor the offensive firepower to keep up with them in a shoot out.


The way I honestly think it will turn out, as it has all season for the Ducks, is it will be a relatively close game at halftime. I have enough confidence in Stanford’s defense to keep them in the game for the first half. However, this is why Oregon is such a dominant team. You can’t just stop them for one half. You need to stop them for 60 minutes, no way around it. Unfortunately, Stanford isn’t going to be able to do that. This one, and the title of the Best in the Pac-12, goes to Oregon.

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