Johnny Football Going to the NFL

Ryan Kessler

Yesterday, Johnny Manziel officially declared his participation in the 2014 NFL Draft. With many of the lower ranking teams hungry for a QB, Manziel will certainly end up going in the top 10 picks of the draft. One very possible outcome is that he will go first overall to the 2-14 Houston Texans. However, I find that unlikely unlikely due to Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater, who is most likely to go first instead. After that, the order of the draft goes St. Louis, Jacksonville, Cleveland and then Oakland. I genuinely think that Manziel will in fact end up on one of those teams. Ultimately though, I believe Manziel will end up playing in Cleveland, but will he have success in the NFL?

The answer to that is yes, Manziel will have success in the NFL as he has that dual threat ability that Cam Newton, Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick all are thriving with. If he ends up in Cleveland, he will have arguably the best receiver in the NFL with Josh Gordon. This guy led the NFL in receiving with Jason Campbell throwing him the rock. Now  just picture what Manziel and Gordon will do.  They could very well become one of the most dynamic duos in the league.  Also in Cleveland is a young and poised defense that will only get better.

On the off chance that Cleveland passes on Manziel, the Raiders will certainly take him and there, I would see him have more success as Oakland, in my eyes, has been one QB away from a playoff appearance for years now. Only time will tell, but I do believe Manziel will have success playing on Sundays.

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