Clippers vs. Warriors Prediction

Ryan Kessler

The Warriors Clippers series has turned into a sport’s fan dream, game 7. Honestly, I have no idea why the Warriors are still in this series. They are without their center Andrew Bogut and the Clipper’s front court is one of the best in the NBA. Deandre Jordan and Blake Griffin should be absolutely tearing it up every single game. However, the Warriors are playing small ball and keeping themselves in every game. For example when Jermaine O’Neal went down yesterday the Warriors went to small ball and dominated the second half.


Although I am a Warriors fan, I expect the Clippers to take game 7 in a close back and forth contest. Doc Rivers is going to have a stellar game plan and Blake Griffin will put David Lee into foul trouble. Expect Blake Griffin to have a 30 point and 10 rebound game.


For the Warriors to win they need to do a few things and one is to shut down Griffin and Jordan. It will be tough without and Bogut and potentially O’neal, but if Lee and Draymond Green stay out of foul trouble, the Warriors will find themselves playing in the next round. The next thing that needs to happen for the Warriors to win is for either Klay Thompson or Stephen Curry to have an amazing game. Both of these players are due for a big game and game 7 is the perfect time to have them, and Mark Jackson please design some plays for these guys.


Final Prediction- Clippers-110 Warriors-106

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