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  • 9 Backlash to Opinion Piece on Rave Culture Unwarranted - The M-A Bear News Editorial Board

    With the recent publishing of the October issue of the MArk came a massive amount of backlash regarding several articles, including an opinion on rave culture from an outsider’s perspective, written by journalist Sabina Vitale.

    Vitale outlines that while she has no problem with her fellow students . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 10 On the Decline of Leadership and School Spirit - M-A Editorial Board

    In the past two years, the reputation and the reality of Leadership at M-A has changed drastically. We the M-A Editorial board believe that this change is the result of a breakdown between the student government and the student body. Towards the end of the 2009-2010 school year, about a hundred . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 10 The California Distinguished School Award: Not Showing M-A’s Brightest Side - Joseph Rabinovitsj, Samantha Henze, Annalise Deal

    The California Distinguished School Award is given out every two years, and since 1987, M-A has received this honor. Schools with California Distinguished status must have growth in their Academic Performance Index (API), which is primarily determined based on standardized test scores, in the ninetieth percentile for the state. After analyzing . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 0 Editorial: Yes on 36 - M-A Bear News Editorial Board

    Come November 6th, Californians will have the opportunity to vote in favor of Proposition 36, a revision to the Three Strikes law, which improves upon the current policy by eliminating unjust inconsistencies in the qualifications for criminal life sentencing. The Three Strikes law, currently enacted in 24 states including California, imposes . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 5 Editorial: Teachers Should Be Objective in the Classroom - M-A Bear News Editorial Board

    The upcoming election provides many opportunities for the discussion of politics, and teachers who are passionate about their views may be understandably eager to share. Yet educating the student body about any issue takes place more effectively through an unbiased presentation of both sides. In these highly politicized times, teachers should . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 20 Editorial: A Sip of Compromise - the M-A Bear News Editorial Board

    Eighteen-year-olds are given the freedom of being legal adults. They have the right to get married, young 18-year-old-men are required to sign themselves into the military, they are legally tried in court as adults, they can take guardianship over others, they can vote on how our country is governed, but . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 4 Editorial: Defense Authorization Act Reminds Nation of Past Mistakes - the M-A Bear News Editorial Board

    This year’s National Defense Authorization Act, signed into law the last day of 2011, legalizes military detainment of civilians— including citizens of the United States—without time limitations or rights of trial. Considering the threat these provisions pose to economic well-being and civil rights, the bill invites comparison to the convoluted . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 0 Editorial: Congress Will Cripple the Web - the M-A Bear News Editorial Board

    Introduced in October of this year, the means to protect American companies from copyright infringement that runs rampant on the Internet. While its intent is honorable—one that appears to uphold artists’ —the PROTECT IP Act will ultimately become a channel for companies’ self-interest as they seek to attract as . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 1 Editorial: Bank Transfer Day Will Prove More Pivotal Than Occupy Marches - the M-A Bear News Editorial Board

    In honor of Guy Fawkes Day, thousands of people nationwide have taken their own stance of defiance against corporate, commercial banks. While they are not doing anything as drastic as Mr. Fawkes did in 1605 (as in seek to explosively destroy the Parliament building), they will deliver a sizable blow . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 0 Editorial: Diploma Dilemma - M-A Bear News Editorial Board

    As graduation day approaches, most seniors are happily anticipating the capstone ceremony of their four years at Menlo-Atherton. For some, however, the excitement of high school commencement is tinged with disappointment. In early May, seniors were given the opportunity to ask a teacher or staff member to hand them their diploma . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 18 Editorial: Daily Post Owes Teachers Explanation - M-A Bear News Editorial Board

    Many teachers felt that their privacy had been violated because of a recent article in the Daily Post releasing teacher salaries in the Sequoia Union High School District. While this information is public record, lack of context and biased word choice made the article not only insensitive but also an . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 8 Editorial: Lighten Up! - M-A Bear News Editorial Board

    Was it so surprising for our residential neighbors to wake up one morning and find themselves living next to a high school? M-A was founded in 1951, but perhaps we should have known that fifty-nine years is too short of notice to spring something like football games on the . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 5 Editorial: Response to Weston coverage

    The Menlo-Atherton Bear News recently decided to take down an article regarding assistant track coach Kelly Weston because of an unfortunate and juvenile act that caused the staff to feel physically threatened. Despite complaints from parents, students, and M-A staff, we stand firmly behind our coverage of the allegations made against . . . (Continue Reading)