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  • Comments Off May Albums - Nicky Hug

    As summer approaches, new music is abundant. Here are a few of the albums I've been enjoying during the past month or so:   "Modern Vampires in the City" - Vampire Weekend With their third album, New York band Vampire Weekend moved beyond their Afro-punk influences, developing a more mature style that parallels . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 0 The National Releases Details About Their Sixth Studio Album - Nicky Hug

    Indie rock band out of Cincinnati, Ohio, The National, have detailed their upcoming album. The LP, Trouble Will Find Me, is to be released on May 21st via 4AD Records.   The album, which has been in the works since the band finished their 2010-2011 tour following their last album, 2010's High . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 0 New Music Tuesdays: Frightened Rabbit – “Pedestrian Verse” - Nicky Hug

    Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, Frightened Rabbit have raised the bar for Scottish music, at least in America. Proving to be more popular in the US than in their native country, the band has become known for their indie-rock sound and, more notably, for their depressing and starkly honest lyrics. On . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 0 Vampire Weekend Releases Details About Upcoming Third Album - Nicky Hug

    Anyone happening to scan the New York Times this morning was in for a surprise if they wandered into the "Lost and Found" section. A small entry in the column advertised something called "Modern Vampires in the City" on May 7, 2013. This turned out to be indie-rockers Vampire Weekend's . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 0 February Releases - Nicky Hug

    As we head out of January and into February, I have compiled a list of the albums that will be released this month that I have heard snippets of and am excited for. This is by no means a complete list but hopefully it will give you something to look . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 1 Missed January Releases - Nicky Hug

    Tons of great albums come out every month and with such little time to dedicate to full reviews of each and, with January coming to an end, I thought  I would take today to give a few thoughts on some of my favorite albums from the past month.   Criminal Hygiene – . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 3 New Music Tuesdays: Local Natives – “Hummingbird” - Nicky Hug

    Often, new bands are immediately defined by a few characteristics; which of their contemporaries they sound like, who they tour with, and the time they emerge in. This can pigeon-hole bands, forcing a label on them that might not aptly describe the band ascetic or intentions.  When Local Native's first album, , was released . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 0 Daft Punk Signs to Columbia, Releasing New Album in May - Nicky Hug

    Ground-breaking French half-human, half-robot electronic music duo Daft Punk will reportedly release the follow-up to 2005's Human After All this May.   According to  by the Guardian, which backs up regarding Daft Punk, states that the group, made up of reclusive and mythic Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, have "signed a new record . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 0 “The Terror” Hits Stores April 1 - Nicky Hug

    In what might be an elaborate (and early) April Fools Prank – I wouldn't put it past a band that sold gummy skulls and fetuses – The Flaming Lips have announced the release of their 13th proper studio album, The Terror. The album, set for release on April 1, is . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 0 New Music Tuesdays: Toro Y Moi – “Anything in Return” - Nicky Hug

    Chazwick Bundick is a hard act to pin down, musically. The multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer and songwriter rose to fame during the "summer of chillwave" in 2009 and released his debut album under the name Toro Y Moi, Causers of This, shortly thereafter in early 2010. His contemporaries at the time provided much . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 0 Anyone Want to Buy a Church? - Nicky Hug

    Arcade Fire announced earlier today that they would be selling the church that they recorded their last two albums, Neon Bible and The Suburbs. The church, located in Farnham, Quebec, was purchased in 2005 by Arcade Fire to record the follow-up to their fantastic debut Funeral. After serving them well for . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 0 New Radiohead / Atoms for Peace Mix Released for Dazed and Confused - Nicky Hug

    In what should come as good news to any fans of Radiohead or Thom Yorke's  solo / side - group Atoms for Peace, new material has surfaced in the form of almost half-hour long mix created by Yorke for . Most of the tracks are either alternate or unreleased versions of . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 0 New Music Tuesday: Yo La Tengo – “Fade” - Nicky Hug

    Around 50% of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. The other 50% aren't always the best of relationships either, often couples will stay together because of a child or other reason. Some, though, are storybook type relationships. The husband and wife are meant for each other and . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 0 Yeah Yeah Yeahs announce new album - Nicky Hug

    According to , indie rock band Yeah Yeah Yeahs have finished their fourth studio album. The new LP, named Mosquito, will be released via Interscope Records on April 16. Known for the breakout single off their first album, Fever to Tell "Maps", this is the bands first album since 2009's It's Blitz.   Yeah . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 0 Missed Releases: Chromatics – “Kill for Love” - Nicky Hug

    Chromatic's fourth album (the second on their current label Italians Do it Better) Kill for Love, opens with an echo-heavy guitar playing lingering notes that seem to drift and fade and swim in and out of the speakers. Vocalist Ruth Radalet slowly drifts her beautiful voice in over the guitar, adding . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 4 Fifteen Examples of Excellent Electronic Ear Candy - Jacob Pfau

    2012 saw the rise of wide-spread appeal and coverage of electronic music. Established newspapers including the New York Times covered artists such as and ; unfortunately another well known news source,, lagged behind in coverage. In the spirit of the new year, here's a kick-start to our electronic . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 0 Missed Releases: Pile – “dripping” - Nicky Hug

    Today's album came to me through a music reviewer that releases videos under the moniker  "The Needle Drop." This album made his top 50 (#29), described as "a solid combo of [old-school] indie rock and post-hardcore." Not being a huge hard-rock, punk, or post-hardcore fan (though I have my moments), . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 0 Missed Releases: ∆ – “An Awesome Wave” - Nicky Hug

    UK band ∆ (pronounced Alt-J) released their debut album An Awesome Wave in early 2012. I completely missed it. Even when the band won the , I still had yet to hear of them. Over the course of the year, I heard their name thrown around every once in a while, . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 1 This Week on the Music Blog - Nicky Hug

    I thought I would start off this new year by looking back at the one we just left. Following the deluge of year-end lists I try to sift through the expected inclusions and find new albums to listen to that I'd missed or overlooked. My winter break consisted of a . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 1 Nine Best Albums of 2012 - Joseph Rabinovitsj

    As my colleague the musicSLOB as recently posted a list of the top ten best albums of this past year, in addition to top ten lists being the norm in terms of music lists, I wish to step out on a limb and offer you a collection of the top . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 0 January Releases - Nicky Hug

    Here is a short list of the albums that I am excited for this upcoming month: 1/8:

    • Broadcast – Berberian Sound Studio
    • Ariel + The Undertow - Ariel + The Undertow
    • ASAP Rocky – LongLiveASAP
    • Christopher Owens – Lysandre
    • Criminal Hygiene – CRMNL HYGNE
    • Free Energy – Lovesign
    • Holopaw – Academy Songs
    • Lee Harvey Osmond  – The Folk Sinner
    • Midnight . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 2 Top Albums of 2012 - Nicky Hug

    Here are my top 26 albums from this past year. I had a hard time narrowing it down to even that much. 2012 was filled with great music and it was extremely difficult to chose one album over another. The first five albums have a little explanation for what I . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 0 About year-end lists… - Nicky Hug

    As Joseph and I prepare our respective year-end lists, I thought I would take a moment to discuss the idea of year-end lists. Personally, I am not a huge fan. As I've realized in my attempts to rank one album over the other, these lists tend to force a subjective . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 1 Wish Book Vol. 1 – Dan Deacon - Nicky Hug

    Check out Dan Deacon's latest release, a mash-up of pop songs that is reminiscent of Girl Talk's albums. It is called Wish Book Vol. 1 and features songs by (according to Deacon): "grimes+psy+beach house+skrillex+diplo+nicky da b+dirty projectors+lil wayne+nicki minaj+oneohtrix point never+tune yards+animal collective+rod stewart+the strokes+wiz khalifa+beyoncé+lcd sound system+death grips+ludacris+rihanna+the beatles+roy orbison+silver . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 0 Captain Murphy is Unmasked - Nicky Hug

    Over the weekend it was revealed that unknown, underground rapper Captain Murphy is in fact Flying Lotus. Captain Murphy initially appeared on a track with Earl Sweatshirt called "Between Friends" that Flying Lotus produced. Speculation was abound about who it was. Flying Lotus was the most popular choice but other . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 0 A Look at Titus Andronicus - Nicky Hug

    In 2010, Titus Andronicus released a civil-war themed album The Monitor, to praises and critical-acclaim. The tour that followed, however, defined the band as the live act of the year. Unable to truly reproduce the album live, Titus Andronicus relied on pure energy and heart in their shows, leading the . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 0 “Lonerism” is Polished, Psychedelic Rock - Nicky Hug

    Tame Impala's first musical release, their self-titled EP, came out in 2008. Four years later, the band, described as "psychedelic rock project" of the lead singer Kevin Parker, has stayed true to the promise it made with that EP. Music built around psychedelic jams and grooves exudes from each of . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 0 Albums to Look Out For: - Nicky Hug

    As we come to the end of the first quarter, here are some of the albums I am looking forward to keeping me going through to the end of the semester: • Kendrick Lamar – good kid, m.A.A.d. city • Titus Andronicus – Local Business • Gary Clark Jr. – Blak and Blu • . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 0 Music Snob’s October Top Five - Joseph Rabinovitsj

    With the changing seasons comes changing moods, which means the need for new music. Thus I present a list of the five relatively new albums I will be listening to the most this month: 1) Animal Shapes (EP) - 2010 - Geographer 2) Lightning - 2012 - Matt & Kim 3) Long Time . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 0 If Lightning Powered Synthesizers - Joseph Rabinovitsj

    I admit that I have been partial to Matt and Kim ever since their first album "Matt & Kim" when I was immediately enthralled (and have been ever since) with Matt Johnson's manic keyboard melodies over melancholy chord progressions accompanied by Kim Schifino's driving drum-playing/sampling and flowing synthesized drones, topped . . . (Continue Reading)

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