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  • 2 We may not Have a Rape Culture, but our Culture is to not Talk About Rape - Georgia Reid

    Sexual abuse and violence, especially in school settings, has been a prominent issue on the local stage recently. Last Friday, Elliot Rodger killed two women with motives of sexual anger. Last April, the released an article on rape culture at Paly, shedding light on numerous cases of date rape . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 4 AP Testing Prices Are Too High - Capri Zelaya

    With prices rising each year, it can be fair to say that AP testing prices have become ridiculously high, even by the standards of wealthier students on campus.   At $95 this year, a significant increase from previous years, students taking multiple AP exams were shocked, wondering how they were supposed to . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 3 “The Green” is Not “The Brown”: Evidence of California’s Drought Absent on Campus - Georgia Reid

    As Californians combat water scarcity and a consequential increase in cost with shortage of supply, replacement of lawn space (primarily composed of turfgrass, which has high water demand) with more drought-resistant native species is a viable option for reduced water consumption. With the exception of a few spots on the . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 1 Political Disasters Warrant the Same Aid as Natural Catastrophes - Corey Stoesser

    One of the key problems with the nation today is the discrepancy between political disasters and natural catastrophes in the amount in donations that they receive when both are equally worthy of aid.   The Civil War in Syria has entered its third year of conflict. Death tolls have now surpassed 150,000, . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 4 Why Sophomores Should Not Park in the Student Lot - Lexi Lobdell

    Over the past few months, the number of sophomores with driver's licenses has increased rapidly. This has created many issues regarding where the sophomores can park. Sophomores are generally not allowed on campus parking passes, as it is a privilege reserved for juniors and seniors. Though most sophomores do not . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 3 California Drought Must Spur Behavioral and Institutional Reform - Georgia Reid

    With the state of California being in a "drought emergency," as by Governor Jerry Brown in December of last year, it is imperative that legislators and residents of the Bay Area (and California as a whole) initiate serious changes to the existing controlled water system and encourage behavioral change . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 1 Redistricting Won’t be the End of the World - Josh Weiner

    Let’s face it: people don’t like change. At M-A, this has been most noticeable in regard to the recent redistricting proposed by the Sequoia Union High School District (SUHSD) School Board. The redrawing of the district lines has stirred up concerns in communities throughout the area.

    Many of . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 3 Gentrification in San Francisco Packs a Particular Punch - Joseph Rabinovitsj

    Two weeks ago, demonstrators protesting the gentrification of San Francisco, marked by the influx of wealthy people into the city displacing poorer people, gathered in front of a Google bus, prevented it from bringing employees from the city to the Google headquarters in Mountain View.   Gentrification has been at the forefront . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 6 Finding a Job as a Teenager: A Personal Narrative - Corey Stoesser

    One issue that is becoming more and more relevant in the high school community as summer approaches is how to find a job. This is often difficult for an unskilled student, a fact that is only made worse by the current poor job economy. Having gone through the trying experience . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 1 “She Actually Did Say Mother Trucker” - Joseph Rabinovitsj

    This Friday's episode of M-A Today left many viewers believing that special reporter Eliza O., said "mother you-know-what" instead of "mother trucker," as a parody of the excessive swearing at the rap battle.   Because this entire section of M-A Today was clipped off from the episode on M-A Today's Youtube channel . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 3 More Teachers Should Implement Community Service Requirement - Sierra Sheeper

    Many private schools around the area require specific community service requirements, and therefore students that attend those schools benefit from the experience. However, at a public school that has no requirements for service how many students choose to participate on their own time? Relatively few students at M-A even consider . . . (Continue Reading)

  • Comments Off The Hurricane Music Festival, a Small Yet Dedicated Turnout - Joseph Rabinovitsj

    Teenagers with green hair, ripped t-shirts, and bits of metal poked through their faces shoving one another and stomping the ground to metal, punk, and grunge music. This is a scene familiar to those who frequent big festivals like Van's Warped Tour. The Hurricane Music Festival (click to read . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 3 The Welcome Back Dance: A Great Kick-Off for the Year - Josh Weiner

    Since I started at M-A, it seemed like there has been one golden rule to social success: don’t go to dances – they’re lame. With the exception of prom, it seems that dances, especially the Welcome Back Dance, are looked upon negatively. This year, I decided to go to the . . . (Continue Reading)

  • Comments Off Opinion: California Standards Should Include Eastern History - Sarah Goodman

    In California, history standards are almost completely focused on on Western civilization. This creates an incomplete and biased view of history for the student, because it leaves out about half of the planet. Outside of the incomplete coverage of freshman World Studies, the only time there is focus on the . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 1 How We Decide, The Pitfalls of a Lie - Nolan Martin

    July 19th, 1989 – a flight takes off from Denver bound for Chicago with 296 passengers aboard a McDonnell Douglas DC-10. Beautiful blue skies made for a smooth climb to cruising altitude so Captain Al Haynes turned off the seatbelt sign, put the plane on autopilot, and sipped a cup . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 3 Opinion: The Introverts Are Being Left Out - Nicky Hug

    Success in school is a marker by which almost everyone is subjected to. It determines our college choices, our career paths, and, supposedly, our intelligence. However, is the school system truly a good measure of intelligence? Often we see extremely smart kids do poorly on their report cards, while excelling . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 4 A Crucial Juncture for Immigration, and the US - Robbie Gordan

    The United States, in many ways, will be at a disadvantage on the world stage in the 21st century. We have the aging population of a rich nation, but the education system of a poorer one. Yet we have one enormous advantage in our ability to attract immigrants, and . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 2 CISPA Through the Eyes of a Web Developer and a Human Being - Joseph Rabinovitsj

    Today the House of Representatives passed the (CISPA). As a web developer and as an individual who personally values some degree of privacy, I have some fundamental misgivings about CISPA. Not only does it break down the relationship of trust between web developers and web users, but it violates the . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 9 Opinion: Perfect Prom, Empty Wallet - Will Hanley

    No matter how you slice it, we can all pretty much agree that it takes an uncomfortable amount of planning to have the “perfect prom.” You’ve got to find a date, appropriate dress wear, shoes, transportation, tickets, and of course that pesky corsage. And of course there are certain . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 3 Opinion: International Festival Reveals Need for Appreciation - Sarah Hoover

    The International Festival is an annual tradition at M-A that aims to open the eyes of students to the different cultures present within the student body. It provides a glimpse into the world that most of us don’t frequently experience. More importantly, upon attending it on Thursday, March 21, it . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 8 Senior Poll Controversy Reflects M-A’s Issue with Diversity - Sara Vitale, Lauren Diamond

    It is easy to point fingers at the yearbook class for approaching the polls unfairly or at the dissenters for their lack of participation. The real issue, however, is much larger than meets the eye; the blame cannot be pegged on any one group when the problem lies in the . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 6 Warm Ups, No Stretch of the Imagination - Jacob Pfau

    Between static stretching, dynamic warm up, ballistic stretching, yoga, and  the sheer number of warm up options can be bewildering.  Yet most research over the past five years points to the same conclusion: before a work out do five or ten minutes of simple warm up exercises, and as . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 10 Installment on Bay Bridge Fails to Shine Light on Potential Damage - Georgia Reid

    In the past month, many San Francisco residents and visitors have likely noticed the mesmerizing, expansive light show on the Bay Bridge that is visible from shore, but few may be aware of the reason behind the development and of potential repercussions.   Beginning March 5, 2013,  the light exhibition titled The . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 8 College Athletes Should Be Paid - Connor Woods

    The NCAA has become one of the most popular, and therefore most profitable businesses in the world; each year, the association has an income of over 900 billion dollars.  However, they enjoy the luxury of not having to pay their employees, college athletes.  This is extremely unfair, and leaves the . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 6 Partisan Bias and Neutrality in News Sources - Jacob Pfau

    " It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity ". Nowadays it often seems as though Republicans and Democrats along with Fox . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 1 A Memorable Inauguration - Sabiha Viswanathan

    On a cold January 22, 2013 day, as many as one million people gathered at the Capitol building to witness the inauguration of President Barack Obama, and I was fortunate enough to be one of them. I attended the inauguration with my dad, lucky enough to have been given tickets to . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 7 Some Thoughts on Guns and Gun Control - Tyler Finn

    I know firsthand how rooted guns are in American culture, for the use and love of guns runs deep in my family. From an early age, I was taught how to shoot BB guns, then pistols, and finally rifles and shotguns. Some of my fondest memories with my extended family . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 2 Gangster Squad Movie Review - Liviera Leebong

    Grade: A- There are many students at M-A that claim to be "gangster," but they are nothing like the gangsters in this movie. To be honest, I didn't expect to like this movie as much as I did, but I had fun watching it. Admittedly, gangster movies are a little overdone . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 3 It’s a Very Commercialized Christmas? - Katie Gaherty

    It's that time of year again. The purchasing of fancy gifts are emptying pockets, bright lights are twinkling from house to house, billboards are advertising Walmart's new low prices, and of course, a multitude of Christmas movies are on repeat to distract students from school work. While all these things come . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 9 Opinion: P.R.I.D.E. Fails to Gain Traction - Ryan Wentz

    It seems as if every wall and bulletin board at M-A has one thing in common: M-A P.R.I.D.E. posters. Introduced by the M-A administration two years ago in an effort to promote school-wide unity, P.R.I.D.E. represents the values that the administration finds most important to M-A students: Patience, Respect, Integrity, . . . (Continue Reading)