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  • Comments Off Crabtree Out for Season with Torn Achilles - Connor Woods

    49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree was injured yesterday at the team's early preseason OTAs (Organized Team Activities). He suffered a torn achilles, and is reported to be out for the duration of the 2013-2014 NFL season. This is a huge issue for San Francisco, as Crabtree is just becoming one . . . (Continue Reading)

  • Comments Off San Fran to Host 2016 Super Bowl - Connor Woods

    he San Francisco 49ers won the bid for the 2016 Super Bowl today, beating out Miami.  It will be held at the 49ers new stadium, Levi's Stadium, in Santa Clara.  The choice is a fan favorite, as 87% of fans polled by the Bleacher Report thought San Fran would be . . . (Continue Reading)

  • Comments Off Bruce Irvin Tests Positive for PEDs - Connor Woods

    eahawks' start defensive end Bruce Irvin tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. He has also received a four game suspension to start the season. This really hurts the Seahawks team. Their secondary had been one of the best in the lately, and he was a pivotal part.  Now that Seattle . . . (Continue Reading)

  • Comments Off Ranking the NBA Playoff Teams - Connor Woods

    As the playoffs move through the conference semifinals, the Bleacher Report talks about where each team ranks relative to previous weeks. The Warriors, ranked third, are becoming a "Cinderella Story" this postseason. Click to read more. . . . (Continue Reading)

  • Comments Off A’s-Indians Controversy - Connor Woods

    n what is being called one of the most controversial calls in MLB history, the umpire crew made a poor decision on a home run by the Oakland A's. The MLB actually made a public apology saying that the call was wrong. Personally, I have always been frustrated by blown . . . (Continue Reading)

  • Comments Off Top 10 Dunks of the 2012-2013 Season - Connor Woods

    As the NBA goes through the playoffs, the highlights of the regular season are collected by ESPN, and compiled into the most exciting highlight reels in sports. . . . (Continue Reading)

  • Comments Off Are the Giants’ Late Game Heroics and Issue? - Connor Woods

    Five of the last six Giants wins have been come from behind victories in the eighth of ninth innings. Though everybody loves a good walk-off, I believe it cause for concern when a team has too many walk-offs.   Why I say this is because the Giants are one of the better . . . (Continue Reading)

  • Comments Off Kaepernicking Goes to the White House - Connor Woods

    olin Kaepernick was able to meet the first lady, Michelle Obama. In his visit to the White House, Kaepernick and Michelle took some time to do the NFL quarterback's trademarked touchdown celebration the "Kaepernick".  Read more about the interesting news from the . . . (Continue Reading)

  • Comments Off Andrew Bogut’s Role Against the Spurs - Connor Woods

    After  a disappointing game one, double overtime loss to the Spurs, it becomes more apparent how Andrew Bogut is the make or break part of the Warriors series. In order to beat the Spurs, he needs to be playing at his best, and doing a few keys things to stop . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 0 Is the Old Halladay Gone Forever? - Connor Woods

    In response to Roy Halladay's early season struggles, the on how his career could play out. Despite the rocky start, I personally believe he will be able to pick himself up and return to his dominant role on the Phillies' rotation. . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 0 Heat vs. Bulls Series Prediction - Connor Woods

    In the conference semi-finals, the Miami Heat are taking on the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls have done relatively well against the Heat this season, most notably ending the Heat's impressive winning streak. However, I doubt they will have that much luck in this series. I think that the Heat will ultimately . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 0 Warriors Live to Fight Another Day - Connor Woods

    Though the Nuggets were certainly favored in the series against Golden State, the Warriors surprised the NBA and pulled out the victory, without All-Star forward David Lee. Coming back from down 2-0 to win the series 4-2, the Warriors showed that they have some heRt left in them, and could . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 0 The Warriors Without David Lee - Connor Woods

    The Warriors lost all-star forward David Lee to a torn hip flexor in game one of the series against the Denver Nuggets. Lee will be out for the postseason, assuming the Warriors win the series vs. Denver. Lee has been one of the Warriors focal points for the last couple . . . (Continue Reading)

  • Comments Off Carlos Quentin Receives Punishment For Greinke Fight - Connor Woods

    In this brawl between Padre Carlos Quentin and Dodger Zack Greinke, Quentin charged the mound after getting hit by a pitch.  In the fight, Greinke suffered a broken left collar bone, that will take him off the active roster for the next eight weeks.  Quentin received an eight game suspension . . . (Continue Reading)

  • Comments Off Explosions at 117th Boston Marathon - Connor Woods

    Near the finish line of the 117th annual Boston Marathon, two explosions went off, resulting is multiple casualties many more injuries. Read more about the tragic news from the . . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 0 National Championship: Michigan vs. Louisville - Connor Woods

    Despite Michigan (4 seed) being ranked significantly lower than Louisville (1 seed), I truly think they have a chance to knock off Louisville in the National Championship.   Louisville certainly has a slight edge going into the game. To start things off,  Rick Patino and Louisville is no stranger to the post . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 1 Why the Washington Nationals will Win the World Series - Connor Woods

    Although it pains me to say this, the Nationals are the clear favorites for the 2013 World Series. In reality, there aren't many teams who even come close to them skill-wise. The Nats will have Steven Strasburg back for the entire year, without an inning cap.   Last year, as . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 0 Bracketology: Battle of the No. 1s - Whittaker Jellins

    Guest blogger Whittaker Jellins come on to share his opinions on the 2013 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. My pick to win it all this year is the Louisville Cardinals. With abundant momentum coming off their Big East Championship win last Sunday, one of the best coaches in college basketball, and important . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 0 Best Dunk or the Year? - Connor Woods

    DeAndre Jordan came up with this monster slam off of a lob from Chris Paul.  Not only will it be the best dunk of the 2013 NBA season, but SportsCenter ranked it the 7th best dunk of all time. . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 0 Joe Flacco’s Contract Extension - Connor Woods

    Joe Flacco recently signed a six year, $120 million deal with the Baltimore Ravens. This deal makes him the highest paid quarterback in NFL history. At first glance, one would think this is a reasonable deal, as Flacco has led the Ravens to six straight playoff appearances, including a Super . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 1 Khalil Edney’s Unbelievable Buzzer-Beater - Connor Woods

    In a high school basketball game, Khalil Edney of New Rochelle High School hit this amazing half court shot to give his team the win to finish their season. . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 1 Wild Cards on the Giants Roster for 2013 - Connor Woods

    The Giants have been one of the most dominant teams in the MLB over the last few years. However, in order to keep pace with the other young, elite teams in the MLB, a few key players need to step up and perform.   The obvious first choice is Tim Lincecum.  He . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 0 Oscar Pistorius Granted Bail - Connor Woods

    Oscar Pistorius, the double amputee from the London Olympic Games, was recently granted bail in South Africa after he murdered his girlfriend. Click to read more about the news. . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 0 What’s in store for the Los Angeles Lakers - Connor Woods

    The Lakers have seen an unusually bad season this year, and are now struggling to make the playoffs. Although it is not out of the realm of possibility, the Lakers need to do a few key things before the end of the season of they want to get back into . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 0 What’s in Store for the Los Angeles Lakers

    The Lakers have seen an unusually bad season this year, and are now struggling to make the playoffs. Although it is not out of the realm of possibility, the Lakers need to do a few key things before the end of the season of they want to get back into . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 0 2013 Sprite Slam Dunk Contest Highlights - Connor Woods

    Although the 2013 Dunk Contest wasn't the most memorable, it was still exciting.  Terrence Ross took home the trophy.  Below are some of his best dunks in the contest. . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 2 Tim Lincecum Cuts His Hair - Connor Woods

    Although it doesn't seem like a big deal, it is.  has been a huge story for the San Francisco Giants, winning two Cy Young Awards in his first two years, then struggling ever since. Part of his whole "swagger" has been his long hair.  Surprisingly, Tim cut it all off . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 1 What is in Store for the 49ers - Connor Woods

    The San Francisco 49ers played a relatively poor Super Bowl.  They allowed the Ravens out to an early lead, exactly .  The Super Bowl highlighted the giant gaps in the 49ers game, primarily their youth and their absolutely terrible secondary.   The Niners young team comes with its benefits and its troubles. . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 1 Does a Ring Make Joe Flacco “Elite” - Connor Woods

    The question of whether or not Joe Flacco is considered an “elite” quarterback has been a highly debated topic this postseason. Now that he has proved himself with a Super Bowl victory, many say that he, in fact, is.  However, I disagree. Although he is an outstanding player and quarterback, . . . (Continue Reading)

  • 2 The Super Poll - Connor Woods

    *NOTICE: this article was originally published 1/31/2012 but is being re-published so that our viewers can see the results of the polls they participated in before the Super Bowl*   With the Super Bowl approaching, billions of dollars will change hands in the form of bets.  From the length of the National . . . (Continue Reading)

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