Attack of the Italian Vampires: Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 Review


Liviera Leebong

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Stephanie Meyers’ Twilight Saga finally comes to a close with the last movie, Breaking Dawn Part Two. Until the next Brad Pitt movie, the world might finally get a break from riots of angst-filled hormonal teenage girls. After seeing teenager Bella Swan fall in love with hundred year old vampire Edward Cullen, losing him, falling for her werewolf best friend Jacob Black, returning to Edward, getting married, and then fulfilling Coach Carr’s prophecy of having sex, getting pregnant and dying, audiences everywhere now have to opportunity to see her become a vampire and take on a cult of powerful Italian Vampires, the Volturi (cue scary music here). All jokes aside, this movie was undoubtedly the best of the Twilight Saga movies. The special effects looked awesome and there is a surprising plot twist at the end that left the entire theater silent and awe-struck.

The movie starts with Bella awakening from a 3 day coma to the life as a vampire she’s been dreaming of for an entire year. She enjoys all the new abilities she has (like improved senses and tirelessness) almost as much as she loves wildly and passionately “frolicking” with her vampire husband. She also gets to spend time with her newborn child that grows at a ridiculously fast rate and is destined to fall in love with her werewolf companion. However, not all is hunky-dory for long, as another vampire soon mistakes Bella’s daughter, Renesmee, for an immortal child and the Volturi seek to kill the entire Cullen family. It’s a race against time as the Cullens attempt to gather enough witnesses of Renesmee’s human-ness to possibly save them all.

Though much of the acting done by the main characters didn’t change since any of the last four movies, there was an assortment of interesting minor characters with accents from around the world -though ironically, the only vampires without an indigenous accent were the Italian Volturi. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much of a strong plot to support the lack of good acting until maybe the second half of the movie. I often caught myself waiting for a change in Kristen Stewart’s facial expressions (alas! to no avail) and shifting uncomfortably in my seat from awkward bits of cringe humor and seemingly too intimate scenes. The comedy wasn’t so bad though. While it can’t compare to The Hangover or Get Smart, there were some clever jokes inserted into the script to keep audiences from falling asleep.

Despite all this, I didn’t actually mind the movie. I found that the effects used to give the vampires their “superpowers” were very cool looking and fun to watch. The soundtrack also positively added to the movie, setting a sort of mood for each scene (whether or not it was necessary). The acting and plot weren’t any worse than any of the other Twilight movies and even with warning of the plot twist towards the end, I was completely caught off-guard when it happened.

You definitely don’t have to be a twi-hard to enjoy this movie. I wouldn’t say it’s a particularly good date movie or anything a group of teenage guys would want to see, but I recommend it for a girls’ night out or if you’re craving a drama. For those who are anti-twilight, avoid it; but if you have any positive interest in this movie, you’ll most likely have fun watching it.

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3 Responses to “Attack of the Italian Vampires: Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 Review”

  1. whanley on November 18th, 2012 5:57 pm

    Ah… another Twilight movie…

    Honestly, I’m not a fan per say… but at least this review is solid and informative. I wish the writers and directors tried harder to appeal to the “anti-Twilight” crowd. They have to know by now that there is a large hater fanbase.

  2. Zoe Pacalin on November 20th, 2012 6:53 pm

    i agree a more realistic, maybe, for lack of a better word, movie with a little more normalcy would go along way for the fans and the non-twilighters.

  3. Hannah Ellefritz on November 21st, 2012 5:24 pm

    To be honest I’m really excited to see this movie. After having read and enjoyed the entire series I think I’m kind of obligated as a twi-hard. Thanks for the informative review. I’ll keep my ear out for the snarky comments!

Attack of the Italian Vampires: Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 Review