Ellie Goulding Concert Review

Zoe Pacalin

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Anticipation for the sold-out Ellie Goulding concert at Fox Theater in Oakland, California had been building for months—the 18th show of her Halcyon Days Tour. At 8 pm on Friday, February 8th, the opening act, St. Lucia, began their set before the crowd. They called for the fans’ involvenment with their song We Got It Wrong to sing « Don’t go, don’t go away .» After a couple songs, they played one of their most well known, Closer Than This, at which point a large number of the fans in the crowd who had been less familiar with their first couple songs recognized the band. After an amazing set, St. Lucia thanked the crowd and were followed by a short break.

Shortly after, Ellie Goulding took the stage in the moment the crowd had been waiting for. Opening with Don’t Say a Word, the tense excitement of the crowd grew as her voice undulated in the beginning of the song. She followed with Halcyon, Salt Skin and Figure 8. Her first few songs were trailed by a couple slower, more ballad-like songs.

The stage effects were amazing—brightly colored and hue-shifting lights, sometimes sweeping across the crowd, were coupled with the smoke eminating from the stage and often matched to the feel of the song as Ellie textured her songs with her unique and powerful voice. In a shout-out to the crowd, she introduced her band members and kindly shared that her « favorite crowd » of her tour was probably the one of the night.

The second half of her show included songs such as My Blood, Starry Eyed and Under the Sheets. With Anything Could Happen and Only You, the crowd exploded, jumping up and down in unison to the beat of the song. After a short break, Ellie returned with her encore of I Need Your Love and Lights. After the energy-filled show, the crowd teemed from the exits with a sense of exhilerated satisfaction.

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3 Responses to “Ellie Goulding Concert Review”

  1. nhug on February 12th, 2013 3:44 pm

    Great review – I’m really bummed I wasn’t able to go! It sounded like Goulding went beyond just playing the music and really gave the crowd a show which is great to hear.

  2. Ryan on March 19th, 2013 7:29 pm

    Ellie Goulding sounds like a great concert! I’m a huge fan of her distinct music, and this concert really sounds entertaining! I’ll be sure to keep a look out for any of her upcoming concerts.

  3. amacfarlane on May 25th, 2013 11:06 pm

    Sounds like a great event! And it’s great to have links for all the songs in the article.

Ellie Goulding Concert Review