If Twilight Were a Good Movie: Beautiful Creatures Movie Review

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Liviera Leebong

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Overall: B

So I somehow managed to convince four guys to go see this with me. Surprisingly, three of them actually enjoyed it, so I wouldn’t say it was half bad. One of them had a pretty accurate description of the movie though: “It’s like if Twilight was actually a good movie.” It had a relatively interesting plot, pretty good acting, and spectacular special effects. However, it was a typical love story: predictable, but still cute.

Plot: B

The story focuses on Ethan Wate, a born-and-raised South Carolina boy that can’t wait to get away from his hometown. That is, until he meets his mysterious dream-girl, Lena Duchannes, a powerful caster whose powers will be claimed for either the light or the dark come her sixteenth birthday. While her family fights over trying to influence which side she’ll join, Lena falls into forbidden love with mortal Ethan. It’s a race against time as Lena’s birthday approaches and the two lovers must find a way to reverse a family curse that would inevitably sway Lena towards the dark side.

Acting: B-

One of the nicest things I noticed in the movie was the authenticity of the accents. The characters had a natural sounding drawl and also worked well together in each scene. The chemistry between Lena and Ethan was fiery and passionate, raging fury radiated from the casters of the dark side, and their classmates did very well portraying obnoxious religious-fanatics. The characters were also rather well-developed, many of whom were multi-faceted, especially Lena’s uncle, Macan, and Ethan’s caretaker, Amma.

Cinematography: A

The best part of the movie was definitely the special effects. The production team did a fantastic job making the magic come alive with the realistic animation of spells and natural disasters. From thick smoke and sizzling shields to rotating rooms and sudden tornadoes, every scene involving magic tickled the eyes with the realistic looking impossibilities.

The movie was nothing mind-blowing or life-changing, but it managed to stay interesting throughout its duration and there were several well-timed jokes incorporated (it had enough humor to keep the audience laughing, but not enough to classify it as a rom-com). It had its cheesy moments, but hey, it IS supposed to be a romantic movie. Having premiered on Valentine’s Day, it would definitely be good for date night or a girls’ night out. It’s the typical chick-flick that a guy could very-well enjoy.

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  1. zpacalin on February 19th, 2013 8:37 pm

    i love how you broke this down into categories! really paints a better picture of the movie as a whole

If Twilight Were a Good Movie: Beautiful Creatures Movie Review