Entertainment: 8tracks- Radio, Rediscovered

An illustration of the 8tracks logo.

Drawn by: Samantha Parish

As a junior living in a somewhat uneventful suburban town, I see the value in a good song. A song that can perfectly match my mood and be the soundtrack to my everyday adventures. However, I only have so much time in my day.

While it is enjoyable to listen to some of your favorite songs, some good classics, there is something great about finding a new song that is exactly what you are looking for, which is the luxury the music application 8tracks so efficiently and effortlessly provides.

8tracks, like other music apps such as Pandora and Spotify, allows you to search for playlists based on artists and genres. 8tracks, however, executes all these features and more. The aspect of 8tracks that makes it so unique and useful is its ability to pair different tags together to help the user find the perfect playlist.

Caption: After choosing a first tag, users can pairs up interesting tags they might never have thought of.

In addition, the playlists available through the app are, instead of computer generated based on tags and artists, put together by different users of the app. Because these playlists are made with personalized care, so much more can be taken from them. They are far more interesting because users can find  remixes and underground songs that they would never have otherwise found.

Caption: A selection of playlists based on the paired tags.

Electro swing mix from ow on 8tracks Radio.

I imagine I am not the only person who is tired of listening to some music application or radio that plays the same songs over and over. With 8tracks, one is able to find new unique songs, pair genres and tags they would never have thought could be paired together, and sound his or her life perfectly according to what they are doing.
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Whether you choose to pair “sleep + relax”, “party + remix”, or even as far as to “electro” your “swing”, 8tracks has the playlist anyone could want and lives up to their slogan of “Radio, Rediscovered.”