Future of X-Men Past

Sophia Kivelson

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Grade (as a movie experience): B


Grade (as an X-men installment): Q (a grade that makes about as much sense as the movie)


X-Men: Days of Future Past is a sequel to the prequel of the original X-men series. Appropriately then, the movie’s premise seems to have little regard for sensible chronology. This movie begins in a post-apocalyptic future that I personally had a hard time placing as a few decades past where the last movie left off ( that’s ‘last’ in terms of the story’s internal time-line or the third movie in terms of release date). In the movie, to avoid this war torn future where mutant kind is on the verge of extinction, Wolverine, or rather his psyche, must be transported back in time to the 70’s to try and stop this future from ever happening. The past he ends up in again is a bit puzzling to anyone trying to imagine a continuous timeline connecting this movie to X-Men: First Class (the first prequel). Back in the 70’s, Wolverine finds himself teamed up with an impotent and bitter Charles Xavier and Beast (who doesn’t look so beastly anymore). Their advisory; a scientist preparing for an imminent war with mutant kind, is armed with, as all good villains are, a misguided but righteous mission with endless funding and totally cool, completely anachronistic, and extraordinarily overpowered technology.


Still it was a high budget blockbuster with a great cast a solid legacy to stand on. If you can get past the confusion and any bitterness about liberties taken with the story, it’s a very enjoyable movie. And, as neither Wolverine nor Hugh Jackman can ever age, getting on board now seems like a prudent call.

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Future of X-Men Past