Neighbors Movie: Edgy and Comedic

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The comedy film portrays the the family vs. fraternity feud.

Mady Burger

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Grade – B+


With a leading cast of Zac Efron, Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne, Neighbors was likely to be a success. And to top it off, Dave Franco and Christopher Mintz-Plasse appear as frat bros. The movie felt like a smash up of Animal House, The Hangover, This Is The End and pretty much any other movie involving gratuitous amounts of drinking and partying. So if you didn’t think any of those were funny or have not been in love with Zac Efron since High School Musical, then watch something else.


The plot revolves around an escalating feud between a wannabe hip couple with a newborn baby and their new neighbors, a fraternity.  One could easily walk into the movie halfway through and fully understand and enjoy it. Seth Rogen, the husband, and Rose Byrne, the wife, struggle to accept their new domestic life and leave the partying days behind. At first, the couple develops a neighborly relationship with the frat bros, but this soon disintegrates into chaos, and a hilarious prank war between the two parties ensues. Some jokes may have gone a little too far, oftentimes shocking the audience, and the film does not fail to deliver in the laughter department.


Light, funny and surprising at times, Neighbors is a flick worth seeing. Even those who find the movie predictable or unfunny can at the very least appreciate Zac Efron’s and Dave Franco’s flawlessness.

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Neighbors Movie: Edgy and Comedic