M-A College Destinations

Source: Emily Johnson

Haley Berggren, Rachel Jewell and Emily Johnson

Hannah Rosenfeld

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An impressive 97% of M-A graduates will continue their education next year. Using the data entered into exit surveys, Mrs. Kleeman put together a list of where they are going. We put all of those colleges and universities on a map to show you just how spread out the class of 2011 will be.

The map can be seen below, or here for easier navigation. If you follow the links on each peg, they will take you to the college or university website where you can learn more about them.

If you comment on this post with the college you are going to, we’ll add you to your school’s info bubble so people know where you are going.

Mrs. Kleeman’s list of M-A Graduate Destinations from 2011, along with some interesting facts about the class of 2011 – like how many students are going into each school, and what the rest of the students are doing – can be found here. It is actually updated as of 6/3/11, not 6/1/10.

*The map below may be zoomed in when it loads. Try zooming out to see the plotted locations.*

View M-A Colleges 2011 in a larger map

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M-A College Destinations