App Relief: Installment One

Source: Becca Sanchez

Sarah Hoover

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Hey there seniors,
Congratulations on surviving three grueling years of high school. You are now rewarded with a severe case of senioritis and a myriad of college applications to complete. Tune in every Friday night from now until February to prevent yourself from feeling like your life has no purpose.


First is a montage of a person screaming into a pillow to give you some inspiration on how to vent your frustration:

Next is a song that combines adorable animals with violence to tickle your funny bone:

Now, for those of you who have just gotten your SAT scores back and maybe didn’t do as well as you hoped, remember that test scores aren’t the deciding factor in the admissions process. Same goes for those of you who are taking the ACT this weekend, so don’t stress too much but remember to do your best! Here’s an article about this very subject:

To bring out your inner child, a hilarious Mr. Bean clip.

Last is a link to a Tumblr page dedicated to interesting works of art as a reminder that you are a well-rounded and cultured individual.

Keep chugging along! You can’t go to your dream school without finishing the application first. For those of you who are applying early, don’t forget that your deadline is coming up!

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App Relief: Installment One