Lose the Suit, Make a Game

Joseph Rabinovitsj

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Amidst the cluster of start-ups that is the San Francisco Bay Area, iPhone game developer MakeGamesWithUs stands out with a mission statement that not only promotes innovation in terms of iPhone games but also innovation in terms of start-up platforms in general.
MakeGamesWithUs was founded with the aim of steering app development away from being predominantly controlled by entrepreneurs and professional programmers (“old guys in suits,” to whom they refer on their website ) by sponsoring high school students to develop games. By sponsoring high school students to create games, MakeGamesWithUs established a medium for the spreading of the raw creativity of younger minds into the world of apps.

MakeGamesWithUs sponsors high school students to create their games by providing participants with programming tutorials, access to forums to help them sort out any problems, and professional help to add any final flourishes to the game before publishing it. MakeGamesWithUs then publishes the game under their company name and if the developer chooses to sell their game, MakeGamesWithUs has claims 30% of the profits.

MakeGamesWithUs, having published hit iOS games such as Elemental Fury and Helicopter,  also provide the platform for M-A junior Robbie Gordan’s new game Planet Blaster, a puzzle game in which players take advantage of mirror-fields and lasers to strategically blast planets in galaxies far far away.

In conclusion, for high school students with all different degrees of coding knowledge who are either looking to earn some money from their work, or simply enjoy the satisfaction of creating new and interesting games, MakeGamesWithUs is a medium that not only promotes these aspirations but is a company that sequentially is stimulating innovation in the iOS gaming world.

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Lose the Suit, Make a Game