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Olagunju's new app is currently available to all iPhone users for free at the App Store. He hopes to eventually make it available for Droid users as well.

Sabiha Viswanathan

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Oladayo Olagunju is the CEO and Founder of a company called nyoombl, pronounced ‘nimble’, that has manufactered a new application for Apple products known as ‘Questions: Ask and Answer’.

This application allows users to ask quick 10 second questions using their iPhone cameras, and have people from all over the world with the application be notified instantly. Once another user answers your question the response video automatically appears underneath your question on the app.

Questions on the app come from a variety of fields–from chemistry to the reality of true love. Question videos are limited to a maximum of ten seconds, so that they remain short and interesting.

The variety of ideas allows for a fun environment and as Olagunju sees it: “a fun approach to empowering our users to have access to a diversity of opinions”.

He further emphasized that the technological aspects of putting an app of this sort together are easy, the difficult aspect is knowing “when” to actually put it together.

The idea of the Questions app was sparked through Olagunju’s own curiosity-driven personality and thirst for the unknown. He remembers as a four-year-old almost only speaking when he had questions. The app ultimately materialized because of Olagunju attempting to solve what he calls his own ‘problem’ of curiosity.

Olagunju elaborated more on the purpose he intended for the app: “To see if we can use the combination of people’s inquisitive nature, our tendency for vanity as a species, and fun, to provide more natural accurate answers to the natural questions we all have”.

The app appeals to the nature of both one’s curiosity and opinion, and as Olagunju said, uses answers “by real people”. Therefore it is a tool to both broaden perspectives and bridge cultural chasms. By simply democratizing conversation, the app opens up the forum for debate and communication all over the world.

“Think about it…when you ask your good friends a question, the replies you get probably won’t be identical but they will likely all be mono-centric; from the same perspective of a single American viewpoint, or even a single Bay Area viewpoint. However, when you pose the same question to people of several different countries or people of different belief systems or different experiences, you get a much richer set of answers”.

These answers from a diverse set of people living all over the world allow for a new understanding of issues that may once have seemed one-sided. It furthermore broadens the mind and can be used to help understand and enlighten the mind based off of the beliefs and cultures of others.

Additionally, submitted questions on the app range from a father asking what his daughter’s bedtime should be, to a teenage girl pondering the topic of male chest hair, keeping its members interested while providing fascinating feedback from people all over the world.

As the application continues to grow globally, Olagunju hopes to make features that make the process of asking questions and retrieving answers much more efficient, so that one is able to ask a question and immediately receive answers.

Currently, the application is only available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Check out some of the exciting videos posted on this app at

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3 Responses to “Questions: Ask and Answer”

  1. egrose on January 10th, 2013 6:28 pm

    This app sounds like a great and fun opportunity to connect with people all over the world that one would otherwise probably never come across, and experience their point of view on a wide variety of topics. I will certainly be downloading it!

  2. Nolan Martin on January 10th, 2013 7:28 pm

    I loved Dayo’s app and think there is some definite potential for success. I worry, however, that some people might not use the application for its intended purpose…

  3. Hannah Ellefritz on January 11th, 2013 12:06 am

    Very interesting article and concept. I agree with Nolan in that this application certainly needs to establish itself as a legitimate source and attract true intellectuals before the …”less intellectual” people try to participate, shall we say.

Questions: Ask and Answer