Feature: M-A Poll Accurately Predicts Academy Awards Results

Photo Credit: Gnahraf

On February 24th, the winners of the Academy Awards will be revealed.

Leading up to the Academy Awards, we presented a poll that allowed our readership to cast their votes for who they thought would take home an Oscar in each major category. The results are in, and our readership accurately predicted each winner! Below is the original poll, with the results of the Academy Awards:

As the 85th Annual Academy Awards approach, there is no doubt that each of the nominees is extremely talented. But who will come out on top? We’ve already seen Ryan’s Oscar Picks; now it’s time for our readership to weigh in and decide.


[poll id="91"]

Winner: Argo


[poll id="95"]

Winner:  Daniel Day-Lewis


[poll id="98"]

Winner: Jennifer Lawrence


[poll id="100"]

Winner: Christoph Waltz


[poll id="101"]

Winner: Anne Hathaway


Tune in to watch the Academy Awards on February 24th, and see if our readership’s predicted results prove to be correct!