Feature: FHA Hero Helps Strengthen Career Skills

Photo Credit: Ms. Klein

The region 5 officer team poses for a picture.

Sabrina Kinney and Havens Ratchye are both current region officers of FHA Hero, as well as the leaders of the FHA Hero Club here at M-A.

FHA Hero (Future Homemakers of America) is an affiliate of the student-run leadership organization FCCLA (Future Community Career Leaders of America). FHA Hero is meant to give opportunities through the organization that aids in personal development and prepares students for their adult life by having them participate in community service projects, competitions, and activities that strengthen leadership and career skills.

Kinney was in 10th grade when she expressed her interest in interior design to Ms. Klein, the Foods and Nutrition teacher, who then mentioned that she should become a part of FHA Hero thereafter. She agreed due to the amount of programs and competitions available for interior design, as well as other careers. Wanting to bring someone along with her to the state competition, Kinney asked Ratchye to join her for the new experience.

Within California, there are many different regions for FHA Hero. As of now, Kinney is the vice president of region five, and Ratchye is the historian, accompanied by four other people on the officer team.

As the vice president of the region, Kinney organizes elections, and helps write articles for the newspaper that updates people on region five. Ratchye, the historian, makes a scrap book of events throughout the year such as officer training, state leadership meetings, the fall meeting, and all the competitions.

There are 22 competitive recognition events (competitions) available each year. These can range as far as cake/ fashion design, to parliamentary procedure, a procedure that congress uses in their sessions. This year, Kinney and Ratchye are planning to enter into the parliamentary procedure competition, where they will show a mock meeting of what methods they use in their meetings to try to win $100 or a trophy.

Kinney stated, ”I like the state meetings because you get to go with your school's chapter, like last year we went to Ontario and this year we're going to Riverside, and travel around California and then you compete with other people from all over and hear their stories.” Additionally, Ratchye said, ”It's really fun to meet people from all over … we have pretty good friends from Newport Beach, so it's cool.”

Planning to end their involvement with FHA Hero after high school, Kinney said that joining FHA Hero “was an unexpected treasure” with Ratchye adding, “It definitely was, I wasn’t expecting to do it.”

The club at M-A currently has 15 members, and will continue M-A's involvement with FHA after Kinney and Ratchye graduate.