Feature: Best in Show: Chemistry Moles of 2013

Happy New Years, Bears and welcome to the second semester! In this new year, let's take some time to reflect back on 2013 and the ┬ámoles that chemistry students (a.k.a. Mom or Dad) made. We've been through it all: the trials and tribulations of making a stuffed animal–it's harder than it looks.

However, the twenty points of extra credit and subsequent five percent grade boost were well worth it. I admit, I find it unfair that moles like my own, poorly stitched with the cotton stuffing spilling out, received the same amount of credit as someone's which had required hours of meticulous, dedicated work. So here to honor those worthy few, are the Best Moles of 2013.

1. Albert the Noble (Gas) Mole by Alex Thayer

2. Life of Mol by Beethoven Gerber

3. Holy Moly by Hailey Lofgren

4. Einsteinium Mole by Talia Missan

5. Berkelium Mole by Jen Kelly

6. Silver Mole by Tara Fahimi

7. Lead Mole by Annalisa Crowe

8. A Mole is a Currency by Sana Sheikholeslami

9. Heisenberg Mole by Erik Shelton

noblegasmolelifeofmoleholeymoleyeinsteiniumcalSilver Mole
Lead MoleHeisenberg Mole
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MABN Moles, a set on Flickr.