ACE and SEEDS Club Help Inform Students About Climate Change

Source: Alliance for Climate Education

Kiki Canny

This Tuesday, students from various science classes attended an assembly presented by the SEEDS club and non-profit organization ACE (the Alliance for Climate Education). With a reputation of successfully educating high school students about climate change, ACE has reached out to 2,100 high schools across the nation, inspiring over a million students to advocate for healthier communities, and carbon emission reduction.


The assembly consisted of a video, illustrating the issues that climate change brings to our own communities, and how these issues affect areas across the United States. Narrated by Wen Lee, the presentation was appealing and engaging, with the help of vivid graphics and lively music, but also had emotional stories that highlighted the different results of climate change. For example, there were images of an Alaskan family suffering from rising sea levels, putting their home and economic stability at risk.


The presentation employed a sense of humor, using references and interviews with modern musical icons to make the production more entertaining. The presentation also went light on the jargon as well as avoiding being exclusively negative in tone, shedding light on courses of action students can take in order to improve their communities and help curb global warming. This lighter, more uplifting tone made the issue of climate change more digestible for everybody present.
“They had a really cool presentation, the figures and graphics were really appealing. It was easy to understand, and was a lot more enjoyable and interactive compared to just taking notes about it,” explained junior attendee Katie Wilcox. “You understand the huge impact climate change makes when you get exposed to how climate change is affecting other people across the nation.”


To see a preview of the presentation, check out the ACE website!

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3 Responses to “ACE and SEEDS Club Help Inform Students About Climate Change”

  1. sparish on January 24th, 2014 7:24 pm

    Climate change is an important topic to be informed about.

  2. shoover on January 24th, 2014 8:03 pm

    Interesting! I wonder if any students present thought the pop culture references were condescending, however.

  3. llobdell on January 27th, 2014 7:54 pm

    I enjoyed the assembly. It was informative and not too long. I think it is great that students are learning about climate change.