Señora Osborn Speaks about her Battle with Cancer and her Future

Erin Perrine and Eliza Gutierrez-Dewar

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Margie Osborn’s return to teaching this semester marked not only the homecoming of M-A’s much beloved Spanish teacher but also her triumph in her valiant battle with cancer.


Osborn left the school last April after diagnosing herself with breast cancer, and Francisco Cipriano took over her Spanish classes in her leave. The change was abrupt, as former students may recall, but at the time “it was [all] a matter of survivability.”


She explained that 30% of mammograms that register negative ”are indeed positive. The technology falls short of the mark, and I was one of them.”


Although she had received all her checkups at the appropriate times, it wasn’t until the cancer had reached “a very serious stage” that she herself identified it. At that point, she had to “go to whatever resource [was] available” in order to survive.


After returning midyear, Osborn must take on the task of ensuring her students are prepared in time for the AP exam and learn just much as they would have any other year. And while students worry that the transition from Cipriano to Osborn might be a little more rough, Osborn has confidence that, with hard work, her students will be fine.


When asked about the transition, senior Angela Lai said, “I definitely feel there will be a time crunch… I think [Osborn] will be able to cram it all into second semester because she is a very good teacher, but I think it will definitely be a lot more work for us.”


Osborn herself feels the same way, saying that she thinks “Mr. Cipriano did a good job of speaking in Spanish so that the students are clued in when I talk.”


However, she knows that “classes are going to be much more dense; there’s going to be more info given in each class than usual,” and the more intense environment is not one that she would have chosen.


Having taught AP Spanish and Spanish III, Osborn has a certain method of teaching and, due to limited time, she is having to slightly modify her style. Despite these changes, she remains confident and hopeful in both her and her students’ abilities.


After these challenging times, Osborn comes away with the lesson that it is necessary to have time for ourselves–to “build in a lot of rest time, and [time] to have fun.”


This message is entirely a reflection of her positive outlook. Despite her hard times, Osborn is back with her same spirit, setting a great example of perseverance and optimism for all her students.

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One Response to “Señora Osborn Speaks about her Battle with Cancer and her Future”

  1. shoover on February 18th, 2014 9:27 pm

    I wonder what kind of a toll being back at school will have on her health. I hope she maintains her strength, and I admire her greatly for all she has done thus far.

Señora Osborn Speaks about her Battle with Cancer and her Future