M-Art: Ariana Meyers

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Julia Rafael

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Ariana Meyers is a senior at M-A. Her freshmen and sophomore years she attended Menlo School, before transferring to M-A her junior year. She has dedicated a large portion of her life to singing and acting. Her most resent endeavor was singing the national anthem at the 2014 Spring Rally.


I sat down with her after the rally and talked to her about her singing.


1. When did you start singing?


I’ve been doing theater since I was eight years old. However I didn’t start taking it seriously until I was in 7th grade.


2. Why did you decide to start singing?


To me singing and theater is fun. I also like to preform and entertain people.


3. Have you done any shows with M-A?


No I haven’t done a show with M-A, but I’m in choir right now and I have preformed with them a few times. But no, I haven’t done any M-A plays.


4. Aside from with the M-A choir, where to you sing?


I have done a lot of shows at Peninsula Youth Theater (PYT), and that’s where I do most of my shows and singing.


5. Do you see a future career in singing after high school?


I don’t know if I want a career in singing, but want to continue preforming and doing theater. I don’t want to do it professionally. I want to go to college for other things to set up my career. But if it turns out that singing and acting end up working out for me, I’d love to keep with them.

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M-Art: Ariana Meyers