8 Twitter Feeds Every M-A Kid Needs to Follow

Source: Annalise Deal

Annalise Deal

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Twitter’s presence on M-A’s campus is rapidly growing, and with it comes an abundance of students who do not know which accounts to follow. Below are some suggestions to help anyone with a Twitter, or seeking to get one, have the best and most entertaining feed they possibly can.
1. @cityofmenlopark

The City of Menlo Park’s Twitter gives informative updates that all Menlo Park residents should be aware of, including weather, news, traffic, and local events.
2. @HighSkoolProbs

If there is any Twitter that pretty much any high school student can relate to, it is this one. It tweets memes and thoughts nearly daily to let you know you are not alone in your struggles.
3. @shelbyfero

This M-A alumna has moved on from her days as a Bear to become a comedian famous in the Twittersphere. She has worked with Funny or Die and other renowned comedy groups.
4. @oldmansearch

Conceptually, this is the funniest Twitter we have ever seen. The creator told his 83 year old father that to search the Internet, he must type questions into Twitter. The posts, therefore, are a stream of all of the things this man looks to the Internet to discover.
5. @big_ben_clock

This hilarious Twitter literally tweets the language of the iconic clock. In case you ever forget what time it is in London, Big Ben is your guy.
6. @UberObvi

This spin-off of @UberFacts is far more entertaining than the original. It still tweets facts, per se, but it is “Obvi” as its handle implies.
7. @BestEarthPix

If you are ever in the mood to remind yourself that the world we live in is still somewhat untouched and incredibly beautiful, this is the place to find pictures that prove it. It tweets at least once a day, and never disappoints.
8. @mabearnews

Last but not least (probably best) is us! Every M-A student would be lost without our Twitter, which combines sports updates, with school news and more. If the rest of this article meant nothing to you, at least follow this glorious feed.

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2 Responses to “8 Twitter Feeds Every M-A Kid Needs to Follow”

  1. Matt Bercow on April 3rd, 2014 7:28 pm

    don’t forget me! @bigbercow102

  2. Burger on April 24th, 2014 10:33 am

    Sounds like it may be worth creating a Twitter account!

8 Twitter Feeds Every M-A Kid Needs to Follow