More Creative Than You: Prom Asks 2014

Danielle Balestra

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As usual, there were many fun and creative prom asks amongst this year’s students. Naturally, we felt that the ones that we could get our hands on should be featured just in time for Prom this Friday. So, flip through our slideshow of fun prom asks. Also, take a look at the video-recorded asks we managed to find.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.


Pauli and Brian:
Brian and Pauli strut their stuff from the Senior Fashion Show to Prom.



Sammy and Steven:
What seemed to be a normal SSR period in Mr. Henig’s class turned into a 6-piece serenade.



Cathrine and Alex:
Interactive APUSH lectures on Great Depression culture are always a plus.

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More Creative Than You: Prom Asks 2014