M-A Hosts 4th Annual Student Film Festival

Natalie Silverman

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Last Thursday, May 22nd, marked M-A’s 4th annual Film Festival, showcasing student produced films to an enthusiastic audience of 142 people. Students in the Video Production and TV Computer Production classes each directed, produced, edited, and acted in their own films. These short movies, ranging from two to fifteen minutes, were fictional narratives not only meant to entertain the audience but to earn a grade in their respective classes.
Overall, the festival proved a success, despite a computer glitch for the first couple of films, for which Mr. Giambruno apologized. This did nothing to dampen the spirits of audience members and filmmakers alike as each  enjoyed the entertainment despite the short delay.
As they have been working on these projects since March, students were excited to present the final products. Senior Vira Leebong explained that it “feels legit seeing your movie on a big screen.”


Students began script-writing in March, filmed in April, and edited the final product this past May. According to senior Sabrina Kinney, the total 21 films represented “students’ hard work and dedication.” The videos ranged from romance- to suspense-themed plots which often incorporated special effects. Overall, students’ music selections amplified the experience.


While each video was unique to its purpose and were different lengths, there was a common theme of suspense, murder and death throughout the films. However, a few light-hearted films, such as “Siri” directed by Robert de Gues, and “Just Like the Movies”, directed by Tonya Goltsev, added comic relief.


The film festival’s trailer, also provides an overview of the event.


Below are  a few  of the films:

First Date:

Artistic License:

The Heist:

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2 Responses to “M-A Hosts 4th Annual Student Film Festival”

  1. dbalestra on May 27th, 2014 9:04 pm

    It is exciting to see such talented M-A film students

  2. czelaya on May 27th, 2014 9:57 pm

    A lot of the films were so well done and really funny! Made me wish I was in video production

M-A Hosts 4th Annual Student Film Festival