Gamble Garden: A Local Treasure

Source: Corey Stoesser

A gazebo at Gamble Gardens.

Corey Stoesser

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Elizabeth F. Gamble Garden, a local Palo Alto haven for special and exotic plants, houses a huge variety of plants that range from colorful flowers to succulents and cacti from many different countries and geographic regions.


Volunteers come daily to maintain the plants and educate interested visitors. In addition to the impressive array of flora that it encompasses, Gamble Garden holds a significant historical context as well. Many are unaware that the name “Gamble” actually refers to the family that helped found the company Procter and Gamble. The family originally created the estate in 1902 while several of their children were attending Stanford University.


Many of the older structures survive today, such as the tea house and the carriage house in back of the original main house. After most of the family had left, Elizabeth Frances Gamble remained and dedicated herself to planting many of the plants one would find there today. In 1971, Elizabeth donated the estate to the city of Palo Alto and continued to live there until she died a few years later. After her death, the city began to renovate and add necessary repairs while still adhering to the original layout of the estate.


Today, we have a free garden in the heart of Palo Alto where one can find beautiful plants and historic architecture.

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Gamble Garden: A Local Treasure