News: Obama or Romney? M-A Reveals

Photo Credit: Zoe Pacalin

A once predominantly conservative school, Menlo-Atherton has shifted to favor liberal politics in the last few decades.

In a recent survey of M-A students, a substantial majority said that they would, if they could this November, vote for Obama.

Several juniors voiced their reasons for voting in favor of Obama’s re-election. “He has promised a lot of things, so I want to see if a second term is what he needs to turn this nation around,” said Mark Gerhart (11).

Janet Ochoa (11), also an Obama supporter, said, “Obama’s the only one who would support immigrants.”

Isaac Melgoza (11) stipulated why he would not┬ávote Republican this election if he could vote, saying, “Romney’s making it harder for students.”

While there was a heavy tendency towards Obama in all grade levels, the higher the grade level the less students said that they were undecided. A reasonable, and in all likelihood probable, conclusion would be that as students grow older, they are more informed, and subsequently, more opinionated. The fairly consistent proportion of the combined “undecided” students and Romney supporters in all grades suggests, however, that many of the “undecided” students in the younger grades become Romney supporters; this is possibly because some younger students who are inclined to support Romney prefer to say they are undecided to an audience made up largely of democratic classmates, but as they grow older, they feel more comfortable and confident disclosing their differing political opinions.



The M-A staff, also surveyed, showed unanimous support for Obama.While the number of staff members who shared their political views with M-A Bear News staff was limited, every staff member who did share said he or she would vote for Obama.

“I will be voting for Barack Obama for a number of reasons but, particularly, because I strongly disagree with governor Romney’s stance on education and his approach to foreign policy,” said Spanish teacher Kristen Budde.

Ellen Jacobson, a social studies teacher at M-A, said her main reasons for supporting Obama were “same sex marriage (hoping it will finally pass and become legal) and women’s issues, such as a woman’s rights to free choice to do whats she wants with her own body.”