Surprise Visitor During Water Polo Practice

Source: Chris Rubin

Julia Rafael

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On the morning of October 23rd, an unexpected visitor showed up at the M-A pool while the water polo girls were in the middle of practice. This visitor was a 30 or so pound pelican.

“When the pelican came into the pool it was a little scary,” recalls sophomore Fiona Jackson, “It came right next to us.” She states that her teammates, junior Ivana Petani and freshman Sarah Reichow, vigorously swam to the other side of the pool to get away from the bird.

“I thought it was hilarious,” remarks Coach Chris Rubin, “I have been around pools a long time and I have never seen a huge pelican dive into a pool with 30 girls!  I suppose the good news is that since we were using four cages in the pool, it was nice to have a fourth goalie (instead of the usual three)!”

The players say that the pelican, named by the team ShawnDeLon, was not scared of the water polo ball being thrown at it. It was even less frightened by Coach Rubin trying to whistle it away or Coach Laura Duran shooing it away with a towel.

“ShawnDeLon wasted about ten minutes of practice, so I was grateful for her” Jackson adds.

As the pelican jumped from the water on to the cage, the team wasted no time in getting a photo op with their “new mascot”.

Overall, the practice was well-enjoyed by the girls and coaches, despite it being cut short.

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One Response to “Surprise Visitor During Water Polo Practice”

  1. shenze on November 1st, 2012 4:32 pm

    Yeah, we were all very surprised by this new member of our team! I recall its name as junior Rubin, though. Way to capture the moment Julia!

Surprise Visitor During Water Polo Practice