News: Zito Leaves Donut Club Searching For Answers

Members of the Donut Club Executive Board and their canned food donation: (from left) Kevin Cole, Michael Hohl, George Baier, Connor Mesec, Jonathan Zdasiuk, and Ben Prudhomme (altered)

M-A’s principal Matthew Zito has eluded the now infamous Donut Club twice, absent for both an original meeting scheduled for October 18th as well as the rescheduled meeting on this past Monday.

According to members of the Donut Club, the organization has received their charter for the year, but has not been allowed to sell donuts as a result of a number of violations, the most grave of which being that the donuts sold do not meet the nutritional requirements set by California legislators for food sold at public schools.  The club has chosen to negotiate with Kelly Todd, Leadership and Club Director at M-A, who directed them to Principal Zito.

The executive board of the Donut Club, including George Baier, Ben Prudhomme, Kevin Cole, Connor Mesec, Jonathan Zdasiuk, and Michael Hohl, originally scheduled a meeting with Zito regarding their right to sell donuts at school for October 18th.  When they arrived in the administration building at 4:00, they found no sign of Zito or any explanation of his whereabouts.  After waiting extensively for Zito to arrive, the board members tracked down a passerby who confirmed that the principal was off campus. “We just sort of feel like he blew us off,” said Zdasiuk.

Rescheduling an audience with Zito was no easy task, but board members secured yet another slot in Zito’s calendar for Monday, November 5th during lunchtime.  Surprisingly, the Donut Club entered the office to find Zito off campus again without any explanation or notice that he would not be available.

Once M-A’s largest student group with over 50 members, the Donut Club, is supported at the moment only by a network of underground followers who continue to support the club with remarkable devotion.  The club, whose massive fabric signs and flag have garnered much attention over the past two years, now sits awaiting school approval to sell donuts.

During the 2011-2012 school year, the Donut Club convened each Monday at lunch in Mrs. Nersesian’s room, selling donuts to students at the cost of $1 a piece.  All profits made by the club were used to purchase canned food products for M-A’s annual canned food drive.  As a result, the Donut Club offered the largest food donation of all clubs at M-A. Unfortunately, the Donut Club may be unable to donate to the canned food drive this year because of their inability to sell donuts.

Nersesian, the club’s sponsor, allegedly penned a letter to State Senator Joe Simitian describing the club’s mission of selling donuts to students to raise money for the Second Harvest Food Bank, to which Simitian apparently responded, “The kids should be able to sell donuts.”  Simitian’s response may be the greatest defense the Donut Club has in their negotiations.  No defense will be strong enough for the Donut Club, however, if Zito continues to evade the issue.

UPDATE (11.9.12): It was brought to the attention of the Bear News by Kelly Todd that she did not direct the Donut Club to Zito; rather, club members sought negotiations with Zito of their own volition.