News: Croquet Playing Seniors Take Over Green

Photo Credit: Tyler Finn

From left: Seniors Jonathan Zdasiuk, Tom Ligget, Michael Hohl, Kevin Cole, and Connor Mesec play croquet on the green.

The mallets were out and all bets were off as a dozen or so seniors played croquet on the Green during lunch on Tuesday.

Senior George Baier came up with the idea to play croquet during lunch when he saw people playing during a passing period, “while going from Physics to the bathroom across the Green because the D-wing bathrooms were locked.”

He was pleased with the game and said “it was great, we had two games going and everyone dressed nicely” for the occasion. The purpose of the game was, “just to have fun.”

Fellow croquet player and senior Connor Mesec said future sessions might include a George Foreman Grill and “cooking up some bacon, some paninis.”

If nothing else, Mesec says, “Maybe we’ll bring three sets next time.”