News: M-A Student Makes Splash on Football Field

Photo Credit: Betsy Snow

Junior Amanda Hutchison swims across the flooded M-A football field.

Following the downpour of rain on Friday, junior Amanda Hutchison took advantage of the flooded football field to become the first student to swim across one of M-A’s sports fields.

“During Yearbook, Ms. Snow and I were looking out the window onto the football field, and [Ms. Snow] was joking about how funny it would be if someone decided to swim on it.” Inspired by the idea, Hutchison felt that “it would be such a fun, once in a lifetime opportunity.”

For the rest of the class period, Huchison frantically ran around the school, trying to find someone who happened to have a swimsuit that she could use for the endeavor. Finally, during lunch, she found a water polo player who let her borrow a swim suit, goggles, and M-A swim cap.

“It was like walking into a shower thinking it’s going to be warm but having it turn out to be freezing cold,” Hutchison recalled of her experience with a smile. “It was honestly so much fun… I had a blast, and Ms. Snow had a great time taking pictures.”

Some may wonder why Hutchison chose to use the flooded football field as an opportunity to go swimming in the first place. “I did it because you can only say you swam on a field once in your lifetime, if you ever even get that chance,” explained Hutchison. ”I thought, why not? There was nothing stopping me.”