Donut Club Makes Triumphant Return

Source: Nolan Martin

Nolan Martin

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M-A’s largest club made a grand appearance on Monday for the first time this school year, providing students with doughnuts for the price of $1 on the Green.  The Donut Club sold all of their 156 pastries within five minutes of opening, with two-dozen doughnuts presold to both Craig LeClaire and Kristen Trent for their classes and the remainder of doughnuts sold to students at lunch.

The Donut Club sold for the first time under their gold and maroon sign on the Green rather than at their original location in Goarine Nersesian’s back office in room C-4.  When asked about the move, Ben Prudhomme of the Donut Club explained, “selling on the Green is simply more convenient for our members.”  Students appeared ecstatic to find that the beloved club and its witty announcements had made a return to M-A.

Originally told by leadership teacher and club director Kelly Todd that California’s SB12 bill prevented the club from selling doughnuts during school hours legally, the Donut Club’s board sought some sort of solution.  SB12 is referred to as a “junk food bill”, banning California’s schools from serving certain foods deemed unhealthy by the state.  According to the bill, doughnuts fall under the category of a snack and do not meet the nutritional requirements to be sold during school hours.

The club’s executive board was able to secure an off-campus meeting with Principal Matthew Zito at Peet’s in Redwood City.  After some discussion, Zito discussed that M-A is allowed a certain number of days of each school year during which the nutritional requirements set in SB12 can be broken; given the popularity and influence of the club and the fact that proceeds are donated to the Second Harvest Food Bank, Zito offered the board members the ability to use a few of the allotted days for doughnut sales.

In the interest of maximizing its proceeds, the Donut Club drafted an email to Chuck’s Donuts of Redwood City offering a sponsorship opportunity.  Their offer was accepted, allowing the Donut Club to purchase doughnuts from Chuck’s at a 20% discount. The club’s future remains uncertain, however; the once weekly meetings and sales on Mondays may never be realized again as long as California’s nutritional requirements set in SB12 stand.

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4 Responses to “Donut Club Makes Triumphant Return”

  1. sparish on December 13th, 2012 5:38 pm

    It’s really cool to see that the Donut Club is getting the opportunity to sell again, even though it’s limited. Maybe something will be figured out so that sales can become regular again.

  2. Hannah Ellefritz on December 14th, 2012 1:43 am

    I find it really interesting how the Donut Club is determined to make it work and is finding loopholes in order to sell donuts on campus. The Second Harvest donations really caught my attention!

  3. amacfarlane on December 14th, 2012 8:29 pm

    The glorious return. Even if somewhat restricted, the Donut Club will never fade.

    JPFAU Reply:

    I didn’t really feel the restrictions at this grand re-opening. But I do feel the change of venue must have hurt sales since a bunch of former donut club patrons I ran in to did not know of this new location.

Donut Club Makes Triumphant Return