M-A Senior Gets Caught In Rain

Source: John Boyle

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A wild series of high intensity rain has hit the bay area, causing floods in the streets of cities like Mountain View, Redwood City, Palo Alto, and Menlo Park.

On Sunday, December 23rd at around 7:30 pm, while driving South down El Camino, a group of high school juniors, including Johnathan Piper (Junipero Serra HS), and Nora Wijmans (Notre Dame HS), came across the completely flooded cross street Cambridge Ave.

While parked in a dry spot nearby, they came upon M-A senior, Jack Boyle, stuck in a 3 foot deep section of the puddle between the road and a small incline. Water had seeped into the exhaust and his engine had stalled, leaving him trapped inside the car with water creeping in.

Taking off their shoes, the juniors waded across the water and started pushing the car up the incline while Jack steered them onto dry land.

Jack commented “I didn’t think it was that deep.”

Apparently it was a mistake.

Triple A had a busy night, forcing customers to wait nearly three hours for services like a tow truck to arrive at the scene.

As these rainy months progress, all drivers should beware the puddles and avoid flooded streets to prevent hydroplaning, engine stalling, and all the dangers that come with rainy weather.

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One Response to “M-A Senior Gets Caught In Rain”

  1. Nolan Martin on January 17th, 2013 8:46 pm

    I think Jack absolutely knew it was that deep.

M-A Senior Gets Caught In Rain