The Internet: Year in Review

Source: Samantha Henze

Sarah Goodman

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Search Engine oriented websites (namely Google, Facebook, and Yahoo) just released the most popular searches of 2012 in order to illustrate what was on America’s mind throughout the many events of this past year.

Whitney Houston was the most searched item on Google in 2012, most likely prompted by her death in February. She also made it in the top ten most searched items list on Facebook and Yahoo.

South Korean pop-star Psy‘s ‘Gagnam Style’ ranked high on Facebook and Google’s lists and became the most viewed video on Youtube with over a billion views. The fact that ‘Gangnam Style’ became such a sweeping sensation, virtually overnight, reflects people’s changing tastes in popular music, which may result in a more widespread revolution in pop music in 2013.

On Google Images, the majority of the top 10 searches were celebrities, including the British boy band One Direction, which made the top of the list, demonstrating its surge in worldwide popularity this past year.

In entertainment searches, ‘The Hunger Games’ was ranked number one in terms of films and ‘Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo’ was the most searched American TV show. On the news front, the election was most frequently searched. On Facebook as well, election-related searches were the most common news searches, and Barack Obama was the highest trending political search, followed closely by Mitt Romney.

The large quantity of Twitter hashtags relating to the Hurricane Sandy disaster reflects how America came together as a nation to support the victims of this tragedy. Sandy-related items were also the third most frequently searched strings on all of Google in 2012.

‘Amanda Todd’ ranked as the eighth most searched item on Google, illustrating the growing global awareness of bullying and teen suicide, and efforts to prevent both.

These internet trends give us an idea of what America, and much of the world, was interested in throughout 2012. With these trending search rankings, the internet not only serves as an unprecedentedly efficient tool for information acquisition, entertainment, and communication, but provides an accurate and worldwide retrospective of human culture, tastes, interests, and history as well.

For the Google Year in Review video watch:

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2 Responses to “The Internet: Year in Review”

  1. shoover on January 7th, 2013 5:48 pm

    We often take for granted how amazing the internet truly is. It has brought a new level of global and local self-awareness. Even in the past decade, it has truly become a significant part of our culture, and it’s just so amazing that it enables us to find out so much about ourselves, and to communicate on an international level.

    zpacalin Reply:

    I agree with Sarah… the internet allows a very clear reflection of our present culture

The Internet: Year in Review