Sheriff Joe Arpaio Forms Plan Against Violence in Schools
Sheriff Joe Arpaio Forma Plane Contra la Violencia en las Escuelas
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Sheriff Joe Arpaio Forms Plan Against Violence in Schools
Sheriff Joe Arpaio Forma Plane Contra la Violencia en las Escuelas

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Hannah Ellefritz

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Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio recently launched a controversial security plan in which hundreds of volunteers will patrol Arizona cities for potential threats to local schools. Though the sheriff originally planned to gather about 400 volunteers, his plan has since expanded, now incorporating about 3,000 volunteers.Arpaio is known for developing several “posses” and creating questionable regimes, all in the name of law enforcement. His measures have ranged from a full-fledged investigation to examine the authenticity of President Obama’s birth certificate to housing jail inmates in canvas tents and forcing them to wear pink underwear.About a month after the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook, Arpaio began developing a plan to use his posses to protect local schools from violence. However, some of Arpaio’s opposition questions his plan and considers it yet another media stunt.As volunteers drive patrol vehicles around school grounds, all are uniformed in outfits said to be almost identical to those of local police. About 500 are armed. Arpaio calms worried Arizona citizens by insisting that the volunteers are not to enter actual school grounds or remain stationary for extended periods of time. He also claims all patrolmen have undergone background checks and about 100 hours of training.

Under direction of the deputy sheriff, the members of Arpaio’s posses will be able to make arrests. They are said to have the same training and powers as the rest of Arizona’s law enforcement, but they are volunteers and thus are not paid with tax dollars. Though the Sheriff did not ask for permission from the schools for his posses’ involvement, the schools are said to be familiar with the presence of Arpaio’s policemen on their campuses.

Dennis Donowick, a retired truck driver and volunteer expresses his excitement for the new plan. Instead of “drinking beer and doing nothing,” he explained, he plans to “give back to the community.” Donowick is now a lieutenant commander of Arpaio’s posses, coordinating the patrols in two-dozen local schools. If patrolmen sense threat to a school, Donowick says they are to “eliminate the target.”

The National Rifle Association has been very vocal in response to the Connecticut tragedy, encouraging more armed guards on school grounds. Though Arpaio believes he is taking positive steps as the NRA proposes, the effectiveness of this plan is still under question.

El sheriff de Maricopa County Joe Arpaio últimamente lanzó un plan controversial de vigilancia de las escuelas en Arizona por voluntarios. Anque el sheriff originariamente quería usar 400 voluntarios, ahora su plan incluye como 3,000 voluntarios.Arpaio es conocido por desarrollar algunas “cuadrillas” y creando regímenes cuestionables, todo con el pretexto de ejecutar la ley. Sus medidas han oscilado desde una investigación completa de la autenticidad del certificado de nacimiento del Presidente Obama al alojar confinados del cárcel en tiendas de lona y forzándoles llevar ropa interior rosada.Como un mes después el trágico tiroteo en Sandy Hook, Arpaio comenzó desarrollando un plan para usar sus cuadrillas por la protección de escuelas locales de la violencia. Sin embargo, algunos de la oposición de Arpaio piensan que el plan de Arpaio es simplemente una manera para asegurarse atención mediática.Mientras voluntarios manejan vehículos de patrulla por los terrenos escolares, todos son uniformados en completos dichos ser casi idénticos a los de la policía local. Como 500 son armados. Arpaio calma los ciudadanos preocupados de Arizona, insistiendo que los voluntarios no deben entrar en las escuelas o remanecer estacionarios para largos periodos. También dice que han conducido revisiones de antecedentes para todos los voluntarios y que todos han recibido como 100 horas de entrenamiento.

Con la dirección del ayudante del sheriff, los miembros de las cuadrillas de Arpaio podrán arrestar. Es dicho que han el entrenamiento y los poderes del resto de la agencia del orden público en Arizona, pero son voluntarios y entonces no pagados con el dinero de las tajas. Aunque Arpaio no preguntó a las escuelas permisión para involucrar sus cuadrillas, es dicho que las escuelas son familiares con la presencia de las policías de Arpaio sobre sus campus.

Dennis Donowick, un camionero jubilado y un voluntario expresa su entusiasmo para el nuevo plan. En vez de “beber cerveza y hacer nada,” explica el, planea ayudar a la comunidad.” Donowick ahora es teniente en comando de las cuadrillas de Arpaio, coordinando los patrullas en veinte y cuatro escuelas locales. Si voluntarios creen hay una amenaza posada a la escuela, Donowick dice que deben “eliminar el blanco.”

La National Rifle Association ha sido muy local después de la tragedia en Connecticut, encorajando más guardias armadas en las escuelas. Aunque Arpaio cree que está tomando pasos positivos como propone la NRA, todavía se disputa la eficacia de su plan.


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5 Responses to “

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Forms Plan Against Violence in Schools
Sheriff Joe Arpaio Forma Plane Contra la Violencia en las Escuelas

  1. egrose on January 24th, 2013 6:45 pm

    I think that it’s both reckless and dangerous to begin arming hundreds of citizens to act as police. The fact that these volunteers are to “eliminate the target” of anyone they deem to be a threat to the school in it of itself is extremely scary. These volunteers don’t have the credentials to act as police officers, and they may easily shoot someone they think is a threat. Putting hundreds, maybe even thousands, of guns into the hands of amateurs will not solve the security problems of our nation.

  2. sparish on January 24th, 2013 10:09 pm

    I think it’s really dangerous to arm hundreds of people. In theory I think that having a few people on guard could help, but hundreds is just way to much. Also if they all have weapons one of them could easily use it harmfully, or they could possibly be stolen and used by someone else

  3. rgordan on January 24th, 2013 10:53 pm

    Let’s just hope they don’t start taking immigration enforcement into their own hands.

  4. Evan on January 30th, 2013 8:34 pm

    This idea seems brilliant in a perfect world. Therefore, I would have to think that it’s a bad idea to arm hundreds of citizens.

  5. David Schmitt on February 18th, 2013 3:50 pm

    I think it’s important to remember George Zimmerman, the “neighborhood watch” responsible for the murder of Trayvon Martin. While this is only one example, it sets a possibly disturbing precedent for arming civilians as guardians.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Forms Plan Against Violence in Schools
Sheriff Joe Arpaio Forma Plane Contra la Violencia en las Escuelas