SAT Prep Class Now Taught by Strub

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Julia Rafael

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After teaching the SAT Prep class at M-A for  two years, starting last week Valerie Caveney stopped teaching the class to help out in the administration building. Liane Strub, a fifteen-year veteran teacher at M-A, is now in charge of the English portion of the class.

For many years Strub taught the English portion of the SAT class, but after coming to M-A in 2009,  Caveney started teaching it. Caveney taught the class for the 2010-12 school years.

The initial switch happened due to teacher preference. Because Strub was already teaching six classes, dropping SAT Prep made her schedule more manageable. Caveney stepped up and took Strub’s place, relieving Strub from her seventh class.

The second switch occurred mostly because there was an open spot in the administration, when conflict mediator Sophia Olliver transferred to Carlmont High School. Caveney then took her place making room for another person to teach the SAT class.

Because of the fact that Strub had taught the class before and the opening came up mid-semester, it was decided the easiest and smoothest transition for the students would be if Strub taught the class.

Steve Lippi, the Instructional Vice Principal at M-A said, “we are very fortunate that Strub has [started teaching the class] for us.”

“Even though these students have only been with [Caveney] for one or two weeks, the idea of changing their schedule and picking up with a new teacher always causes a disruption. It takes a few weeks for students to get settled in and used to the new teacher, then things seem fine” explains Lippi.

However, since “Strub has a proven track record that kids do well with her” he hopes the transition will go as smoothly as possible.

Strub will continue to teach all of her other classes, however Caveney is only teaching three classes as of last week. She teaches her three English classes in the morning, in addition to doing some administrative work, conflict mediation, and helping out in the AVP office.

She is also part of a new project dealing with a grant for Tobacco Use Education which involves distributing educational material given by the district and taking surveys.

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  1. Linda Kaye on February 14th, 2013 9:28 am

    Of great importance is to begin studying months before the SAT and work regularly and consistently. Learning the grammar rules, increasing vocabulary, and enhancing essay skills– each is a time consuming endeavor.

    Also, use a book which includes detailed answer explanations so that the student is able to enhance skills by learning from inevitable mistakes.

SAT Prep Class Now Taught by Strub