Sony PlayStation Meeting 2013: Recap

Source: PlayStation Europe

Samantha Parish

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On January 31, Sony released a video teasing an upcoming conference. Many fans speculated that the meeting would be the reveal of the PlayStation 4. The guesses at a next-gen system reveal made sense, seeing as it has been almost 8 years since the PlayStation 3 came out, and competitor Nintendo just released their newest console, the WiiU.

However, on February 20, the eager fan’s questions were not entirely answered. The PlayStation 4 was confirmed, but no pictures, prices, or release dates were shown. Instead, Sony used the two hour block to talk about new features of the system and display trailers for new games.

The conference started with a video highlighting the PlayStation’s history, and then Andrew House, CEO of Sony, took the stage to talk about unlocking the true potential of Sony’s game systems.

With the new system, gamers will be able to do things such as turn off the system and then turn it back on, returning to where they last were in the game, play games while they download in the background, update games in the background, and be able to transfer data between the PlayStation 4 and the PS Vita (a hand held system).

While a new console wasn’t at the conference, the new DualShock 4 controller was introduced. It comes equipped with all of the previous functions of DualShock controllers, plus a few additional features. The controller now has a share button which allows you to show off your game to friends or comment on the game, a headphone jack, as well as a touch pad similar to the that introduced by the PS Vita. The controller also has a light built into it which could be used to represent game elements, such as remaining health.

There was also a focus on streaming, with information regarding the fact that the new console will stream more from Netflix and Amazon Prime, as well as games from previous PlayStation systems.

The focus then shifted to games, which due to a new game engine Panta Rhei, boast incredible graphics. A new inFAMOUS and Final Fantasy game were among the returning lineup, along with all new titles such as The Witness and Deep Down.

Although the hopes of actually seeing a new console weren’t met, plenty of other new and exciting things were revealed, creating excitement and anticipation for what Sony will reveal at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo in June.

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Sony PlayStation Meeting 2013: Recap