News: Breaking News, Second Metal Fire in Six Weeks at Sims Metal Management

Photo courtesy of the Redwood City Fire Department.

Early this morning workers reported to the Almanac that they heard a small explosion resulting in a fire at the Sims Metal Management facility in Redwood City.

The fire burned for approximately eight hours, beginning at 12:50 AM before being contained around 9:45 A.M.

According to Fire Marshall Jim Palisi on KTVU, there have been no reports of injuries. However, the Fire Department suggests people stay inside if they can smell fumes as a precaution.

This is the second metal fire in six weeks at the metal recycling facility at 699 Seaport Blvd. in Redwood City. This one began in a pile of recyclables containing “light metals”.

Sims plans to investigate the cause of this fire and Sims' management notes that the short time span between these two incidents “raises concerns.” After the previous fire on November 10th, new procedures were put into place such as separating auto bodies form light iron and decreasing the sizes of stockpiles.

Check this story later as updates come in.