News: M-A Bids Mr. Cipriano Farewell

Photo Credit: Laila Volpe

On his final day at M-A, Mr. Cipriano says goodbye to the classroom he taught in for several months.

M-A Spanish III and AP Spanish teacher, Mr. Francisco Cipriano taught his final class on Friday the 13th with hopes of traveling to Mexico soon thereafter.

Mr. Cipriano, the “permanent sub” who took over Ms. Osborn's Spanish classes in April, called the teaching experience an enjoyable one. “It’s a good school,” he said, “It has good administration, good facilities, very good students–very motivated students, which is something I don’t see very often, and I truly enjoy that.”

Now that Mr. Cipriano has finished teaching at M-A, he plans to go “back home, back to Mexico City,” expressing how he no longer wants to “travel all over the place.” He said he wishes to go, not for a new beginning, but rather to volunteer and help the people of Mexico City as well as “return to his roots.” He continues, “[I want to go back] to what I came from, and I’ve been away from that for so long. It’s time for me to go back.”

During his leave, Mr. Cipriano predicts that Ms. Osborn will resume teaching next semester. According to Vice Principal Steve Lippi, she is due back after winter break.

In farewell, Mr. Cipriano gave some last words of advice to his students: “[I would advise my students] to read a lot, to get informed about not only their local area but about the whole country–the US, and also the whole world.” He also stated that, if given the chance, he thinks students should take the opportunity to travel abroad and explore the world. “That would probably be the best thing that they can do because they can compare other countries with this country.”

All in all, Mr. Cipriano will be sorely missed. “He was a great teacher and he always knew how to make us laugh and have a good time,” said an AP student, junior Sarah Dairiki, “We will truly miss him!”