Current Rainfall Still Not Enough

Source: Brooks Bowden

Brooks Bowden

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The current storm was predicted to bring us about 3 inches of rain, but so far Menlo Park has only received 1.6 inches of rain, just over than half of what was expected.


The average rainfall for February in Menlo park has been 3.31 inches. So if the storm lives up to expectations, we should just about reach the average levels of rainfall for the month of February.


The possibility of a good amount of rainfall is still in reach, since the storm is expected to stick around through the weekend, ending on Monday.


At the moment the rainfall level is dangerously low in the bay area.  A statewide drought was announced by Governor Jerry Brown as we are currently experiencing the least amount of rain in California since the 70’s.

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One Response to “Current Rainfall Still Not Enough”

  1. dbalestra on February 6th, 2014 11:53 pm

    Great reporting Brooks! Super informative. Thanks bro.

Current Rainfall Still Not Enough