Leadership Brings in Profit from Winter Formal for First Time in Three Years

Source: Amara Trabosh

Natalie Silverman

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This year’s Sadie Hawkins winter formal proved to be a big success as Leadership received a profit of $2000, compared to past years, which saw either no formal or a loss of money due either to cancellation or a small turnout.

313 students attended the winter wonderland themed winter formal. Prior to the dance, 337 tickets were bought. 94 of them were purchased by the seniors, 84 by juniors, 115 by sophomores, and 44 by freshmen.


Putting on this dance was risky in the first place considering winter formal’s history of low attendance and lack of profitability. Leadership was also at a disadvantage in putting it on this year considering that they had little time to publicize the event. Although Mr. Amoroso recognizes that Leadership did well in stepping up to this publicity challenge, he notes that “as great of a job they did it was the student body that really came together.”


Last year, putting on a winter formal was not even attempted because of the lack of ticket sales for the Black-Out dance and the fact that winter formal of the year prior actually caused Leadership to lose money. Two years ago, seniors actually boycotted the formal because they refused to participate in an on-campus dance. Leadership responded by purchasing an off campus venue to appease the senior class, but seniors still refused to attend, resulting in the cancellation of the dance and a loss of $8000.

This year however, while $9000 were spent on decorations, a DJ, and a venue, about $11000 was made back through ticket sales leaving approximately a $2000 profit. Amoroso and Senegaglia confirm that while dances are supposed to be fundraisers, Leadership aims to sell tickets at relatively low prices. Leadership began by selling single tickets for $30 and couples for $50 then raised them to $35 and $60. Leadership also offered those who could not afford tickets community service opportunities for free or reduced-price tickets.


Leadership’s risk taking in putting on this year’s winter formal paid off with the participation of the student body. All of the dances this year have been well-received by the student body, and if they are any indication of the future, Senegaglia guarantees that “prom this year will be insane.”

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One Response to “Leadership Brings in Profit from Winter Formal for First Time in Three Years”

  1. msimes on February 14th, 2014 1:57 pm

    I had been wondering if they would be able to have a successful formal with such little notice and previous failures of the years before. Looks like it went well, great job leadership!

Leadership Brings in Profit from Winter Formal for First Time in Three Years