News: GSA Marriage Ceremony Sees Substantial Turnout

Photo Credit: Victoria Ellis

Three newly-weds showing off their marriage certificate.

Yesterday, the GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) performed  marriages on the green with the aims of raising awareness of the fact that gay couples are still unable to get married in most states and most importantly, as GSA leader Victoria Ellis stated, “having fun with GSA.”


These model marriages took place between friends who exchanged vows written by GSA and received a Certificate of Marriage.


Ellis was very pleased with this year’s turnout, with over ninety marriages performed during lunch. Ellis attributed the greater participation in this year’s ceremony compared to that of last year to the fact that this year GSA tried to make the experience more of a “fun thing to do before Valentine’s day” as opposed to last year’s ceremony, which was also intended to be a “fun” experience, but one that preceded the more “serious day of silence” held annually on April 11, which aims to bring awareness to anti-LGBTQ bullying and discrimination.


This model marriage ceremony is not a standard or widespread event at other Gay-Straight Alliances across the country. Rather, it is an event unique to the M-A GSA. However, in years to come, this event may gain traction in other schools across the area after Ellis received enthusiastic feedback about this event from other Gay-Straight Alliances at other Bay Area schools.


Below are pictures of some of the students who participated in the marriage ceremony.



M-A Wedding Pics, a set by toriaellis on Flickr.