Anti-Bullying Club Promotes Compassion on Valentine’s Day

Source: Sarah Hoover

Sarah Hoover

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The Anti-Bullying Club commissioned third period teachers to hand out blank Valentine’s Day cards to students this past Wednesday in an effort to promote positivity on campus. The club intended for students to fill out the cards and give them to friends. Several teachers were puzzled about the purpose of the exercise, and many students faced the task with apathy. However, the Anti-Bullying Club remains optimistic about the project, which was the second step in their plan to re-engage the student body with awareness of bullying issues.


“We are trying to do more activities, more kind of fun stuff,” said Sophi Bock, president of anti-bullying club. Ms. Caveney founded the club in the spring of 2012, and Bock has led the initiative ever since. The club’s past efforts have not garnered much support on campus, but Bock currently aims to galvanize a new sense of excitement about the club, which began with the hanging of snowflakes in Pride Hall at the beginning of winter.


The idea for the Valentine’s Day cards arose as a part of the goal to improve campus engagement. “We were trying to think of something fun and we decided to give out valentines and let people decide what to do with them.”


She adds that the goal was to “increase involvement, but not force it.”


She attributes the problem of bullying to a “lack of understanding, lack of caring, and lack of love,” and hoped to alleviate these issues by “increasing appreciation and increasing the general happiness around the school,” starting with the Valentine’s Day cards.


The club also set up a booth Thursday at lunch, at which they handed out more valentines to students on the green.


Despite the general sense of indifference surrounding the movement, Bock is determined to give the club a fresh start. “We’re just trying to start basic, get things going.” Overall, she is satisfied with the results thus far, which are still an improvement over the “lack of involvement” of previous years. While she laments the “lack of resources and lack of manpower,” she has hopes for the future and firmly believes that “we did as good of a job as we could.”

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2 Responses to “Anti-Bullying Club Promotes Compassion on Valentine’s Day”

  1. eperrine on February 19th, 2014 12:25 am

    I was wondering about this… Thanks for the article, Sarah! And good for the Anti-Bullying Club!

  2. czelaya on February 20th, 2014 11:34 am

    I like the initiative the Anti-Bullying Club is taking but I do think that the exercise would have been more effective if the teachers were more enthusiastic and informed about it.

Anti-Bullying Club Promotes Compassion on Valentine’s Day