Lights Go Out at Boys Lacrosse Game

Source: Connor Woods

Connor Woods

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In the middle of the second quarter in the boys’ lacrosse game against Palo Alto, the stadium lights suddenly went off, pausing the game and leaving the audience and players confused.


The game was paused for close to twenty minutes, before M-A’s security staff was able to correct the mistake. However, the delay left both teams cold on the sidelines, and it took much more time before play continued. Though the cause of the outage is yet to be determined, it was likely that it was a accidental mistake of the M-A night staff. After understanding the problem, the lights were promptly turned on and play resumed.


Unfortunately, the Bears were not able to shift the momentum after the break, and the Paly Vikings continued to stretch their lead for the rest of the half.

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Lights Go Out at Boys Lacrosse Game