Students Enjoy a Prom Night of Crepes and Dancing

Natalie Silverman

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Last Friday night, groups of students arrived at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco for a Midnight in Paris Prom.


Photographs by Jackson Williams Media. For more photos, click here.

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Those expecting a mock Eiffel tower to set the romantic scene were disappointed, but the lack of decorations was bettered by the abundance of French cuisine consisting of crepes filled with a choice of nutella, banana, strawberries, marshmallows, chocolate, and whipped cream.


It was an alternate universe full of gentleman sporting tuxes, and ladies in long gowns or short party dresses, rather then the leggings and jeans students had been wearing at school for the minimum day.


DJ J. Espinosa from Wild 94.9 played satisfying music as the spacious dance floor was slowly filled by arriving students. By 10:00 a group resembling a mosh pit formed near the front of the stage and the rest of the floor was mostly full.


While the music was enjoyable, the real thrill were the light up glow sticks that he tossed into the crowd. There was some confusion over how to identify the glowing objects and there were a variety of names circulated including “big plastic stick with glowing lights” or “big glow stick” in addition to a few other inappropriate names. Espinosa also misted the crowd with a large black hose with what seemed to be filled with a harmless type of smoke or fog, leaving a cloud on stage surrounding his table and students near the front of the stage.


Throughout the night, students took seats on the edge of the dance floor at tables or upstairs in comfy theater seats. There were drink and crepe stations on both floors, but people were more often seen on the upper level enjoying food while looking at the dancers below.


Towards the end of the night, prom king and queen were announced and Russell Bernardo and Danielle Walsh went up on stage to receive their crowns.


Prom night can be a stressful event to plan. With so many expectations and so much hype hype built up before hand, it is hard for prom to live up to the name. However, leadership did a great job creating an atmosphere and picking a venue that gave the night a fun and elegant feel. Adding dessert to the night was a creative and tasty decision. Overall it seemed that people left feeling content and satisfied with their night of dancing and crepes.


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Students Enjoy a Prom Night of Crepes and Dancing