Presidential Debates Recap

Source: Bill Perrine

Katie Wilcox

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Now that the student body is to decide on their president and vice president for next year, the candidates addressed several questions from prospective voters yesterday and today at lunch. Listen to the junior and senior debates below.

In summary:

Junior Candidates:
Justin Verbo and Bastian Schuele

  • advocate urinal dividers and tampon dispensers
  • will make a rule that if they have a petition with 200 signatures, the administration has to reply
  • successfully got tailgates to happen


Tara Fahimi and Theresa Siri


  • want a well balanced life
  • are approachable and easy to talk to
  • will hold monthly meetings to engage with entire junior class
  • will under-promise and over-deliver


Echo Hansen and Jorja Kahn

  • will include the entire junior class
  • do not want to make unrealistic promises


Viena Hoffmann and Emma Kaufman

  • are leadership members
  • have experience with the school board
  • will hold meetings to join leadership and the student body
  • will not be a role of authority but rather a facilitator


Senior Candidates:

Adam Scandlyn and Cathrine Petersen

  • want to make senior year fun and memorable
  • want more spirit
  • will hear all opinions-go to classes during SSR
  • will unify the senior class


Gabe Cohen and Anna Dailey

  • will be involved in school
  • want senior bonding
  • will involve more students and their ideas in rallies


Sarah Howell and Alex Iyer

  • will be fun and involved
  • will be available through email or something to make contact easier
  • will increase in activities tat force students to step out of their comfort zones
  • will separate Spirit Week by grade
  • will cater more events to all groups at M-A


Healey Montague-Alamin and Erin Goode

  • know a variety of people and their wants
  • will create Facebook group for easier contact
  • will use community service to unite all groups at M-A
  • are good at figuring out problems and viable solutions

Voting will take place tomorrow, May 2.

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2 Responses to “Presidential Debates Recap”

  1. Ryan J Kessler on May 1st, 2014 11:22 pm

    Finally, we get to vote on presidents.

  2. dbalestra on May 27th, 2014 9:30 pm

    I hope the student elected presidents will facilitate the conversation between the student body and leadership.

Presidential Debates Recap