Robotics Team 766 Finishes Season at Nationals

Source: Patrick Tam

Samantha Parish

Last week, Menlo-Atherton Robotics Team 766 competed at Nationals in St. Louis, Missouri after the team qualified for it by winning the Sacramento Regional last month.

Senior Nicky Ivy explained that at the competition, all of the teams that qualified are broken into 4 equally sized divisions which competed independently of each other from Thursday to Saturday morning to try and get a spot in the elimination rounds. “After elimination rounds in each division, the winners of each division face off in a spectacular set of final elimination matches.”
M-A teacher and team parent Patrick Roisen commented that “it was very impressive to see how much the students improved over the course of the season” and that the “team built a robot that was truly the product of the students.” Roisen also said that the team faced off against some of the best teams in the league and managed to hold their own, and “once [earned] a (mostly) undeserved foul for “overly aggressive driving”” in a heated match.
While Team 766 did not get picked to be in an alliance for the elimination rounds, they ranked 46th of 100 teams in their division. The robot and student team performed well during the qualification rounds, with no mechanical, electrical, or other technical difficulties, and team members expressed proud of how well they did and how far they made it during this year’s season.

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One Response to “Robotics Team 766 Finishes Season at Nationals”

  1. Sierra Sheeper on May 5th, 2014 9:44 pm

    Its interesting to learn about other intense competitions including M-A students besides just sports. Congrats to the Robotics Team!