Third Year of Language Can Now Fulfill CTE Requirement

Source: Lexi Lobdell

Lexi Lobdell

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Due to differences in the courses of the other schools in the Sequoia Union High School District, the M-A administration decided to allow a third year of a world language to fulfill the Career Technical Education (CTE) requirement.


Previously, it was a requirement for every M-A graduate to take at least one of  the electives marked as a CTE class. However, due to differences between M-A and other schools in our district, the ways to fulfill the CTE requirement have changed. Guidance Counselor, Laura Duran says, “The way that we are now advertising [CTE requirements] is that the third year of any language is the new CTE option.” She explains that languages in high schools generally count for elective credit. Now, the first two years of a language will count for elective credit and the third can be used to fulfill the CTE requirement.


Not only can the third year of language fulfill the high school requirement for CTE, but it can also count towards fine art credit, although this option will be used less commonly because while a student can graduate from high school with a language fulfilling the fine art requirement, they cannot be accepted into a four year college without taking a recognized fine art class. Since CTEs are not a college requirement, many more students may choose to opt out of taking a CTE by doing three years of a language.


While many students appreciate this change, Duran expresses concern, “M-A has a very strong CTE program, and I at least found that my students loved taking traditional, true CTE classes: journalism, woodshop, foods and nutrition [and more]. I think before they added the CTE [requirement] students felt pressure to only take college prep electives because they felt like they were going to be at a disadvantage if they explored something else. When we made it a requirement, and students started taking it, they would come back and want more of those classes or they found the experience was worthwhile.” She hopes that this enthusiasm will not wane with the new, more lenient requirements and that students will continue to enroll and thrive in CTE classes.

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2 Responses to “Third Year of Language Can Now Fulfill CTE Requirement”

  1. msimes on May 15th, 2014 6:58 pm

    It will be interesting to see the CTE class enrollment for the upcoming school year if students take advantage of this change.

  2. dbalestra on May 15th, 2014 9:51 pm

    Hopefully this change with allow students to have more flexible schedules and encourage more foreign language enrollment.

Third Year of Language Can Now Fulfill CTE Requirement